I'm a ND girl at heart but there's no denying that we're always behind on things. All of us ND bloggers need to start to connect with each other, help each other out, cheer each other on, and maybe even plan a bloggers meet-up someday...?

I hope that by each of us putting the button on our blogs and continuing to work hard at this "hobby" that occupies so much of our time we can put North Dakota on the map in Blogland. There aren't many of us but I have a feeling that our group will just continue to grow. So in the midst of it's growth spurt, let's all be friends.


Who are we?
This is a place for all North Dakota bloggers to find each other, connect, network, and maybe even plan real-life meet-ups. It doesn't matter how many followers you have or how long you've been blogging - if you live in the Peace Garden State then you belong in this group!

How do you join?
+ Add the ND Bloggers button (code found below) to your blog.
+ Leave a comment below with a link to your blog and include your e-mail address.
+ Once confirmed, you will be invited to our ND Bloggers Network FB Group and your blog will be added to our blog roll below.

What happens once I'm in?
Most communication is doing via our Facebook Group and you will be able to begin networking with and "meeting" other bloggers in our awesome state. I hope that we can continually help each other out - whether it be by offering guest posts, re-pinning pins, tweeting each other, or hosting link-ups together! As long as you are respectful of other members thoughts and opinions once you're in, you're in for life!

ND Bloggers Network


Blog Roll:

Samantha @ The Samantha Life

Laura Beth @ Mrs. Laura Beth

Kelly @ K&K Entzel

Wasifa @ Sifa's Corner


  1. Sara

    1. Make sure you request to join the North Dakota Bloggers Network FB group so we can all stay connected!!! :)

  2. Niki

    1. Also, I already had a ND blogger badge thingy on my page, but it didn't link to anywhere. I hope it is okay that I linked it to this page.

  3. Brittany


  4. Laura

  5. Wasifa Ahmad Hasan
    Blog: Sifa's Corner (

  6. Blog:

    Fun idea!

  7. Hi Samantha,
    Great blog! I've been reading up on some blogs and articles cause Im thinking of moving to ND for work. Your blog has been a cool read.

    Also, this book on North Dakota was really entertaining (if anyone is interested)...tho Im sure things have changed a bit recently. :)

  8. Greetings Samantha - What a great idea. I am a North Dakotan blogging in South Africa for the year. Here's our blog:
    I am having some issues with the button .. but will try again with a different internet connection - things don't always work quite the same on this side of the world!
    email is: lubarand at hotmail dot com
    Cheers- Amy

  9. Hi Samantha,
    I'd love to join your network
    My Blog:
    My Email:

  10. This is a wonderful idea. I'm a North Dakotan native recently returned from a year abroad earning my M.A. in Creative Nonfiction writing.
    My blog is
    I can be reached by e-mail at

    Can't wait to read, learn, and engage with this community.


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  12. We always try to transition slowly, and things go well. This sounds like a great food....if we decide to switch again I would definitely consider this one.


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