Well I guess that would be me and this is where I'm supposed to tell you all the great things about me. First things first, I'm 28 and live in North Dakota with my Maltese puppy, Stella. 

I have a crush on patios of any sort, love being at the lake. and enjoy any time I get to spend with people I love and care about. I hate getting my hands dirty but make myself suffer through things like planting flowers, prepping raw meat, or changing the toner at work. I'm fairly Type A but try to make myself just chill out a little bit sometimes. I have recently fallen in love with puppyhood and fill my iPhone up with pictures of Stella, adult beverages, and pretty things.  

I'm a lover. I think love of any kind is what life is all about and I love hard - people either view that as a downfall or my best quality. If you believe the latter, stick around. You'll enjoy what I have to share :)

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