Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I   B E L I E V E   I N . . .

tall beers on a sunny patio.

dance parties.

belting it out when you're driving with the windows down.

writing when you feel like writing.

the power of a good hug.

telling someone how much you love them.

time alone to do what you want when you want, talk when you want, and think when you want.

Netflix marathons.

working a job that you don't dread going to every single day.

sand volleyball, even if it means sand in places you never thought possible.

the power of music.

the saying that good things happen to good people.

family and friends.

floating on water as much as possible.

after-dinner walks and good conversation.

the power of a hot shower and bowl of ice cream.

choosing to live a life that you truly love.

cleaning, just because it feels so good when you're done.

taking pictures.

making wishes on eyelashes and shooting stars.

the good things comin.

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