Monday, June 1, 2015

Some Random Thoughts...

What is it about packing that is so dreadful? Seriously. Trips are great. Long weekends are great. No work on Wednesdays and Thursdays due to a concert is great. Having to actually decide ahead of time what to pack for clothing is not great. Which is why I am here. Writing a blog post. Avoiding packing in general. So, because I'm procrastinating, here are some random thoughts...

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+ What does one wear to a Rolling Stones concert? 
If I knew the answer I'd be packing and not typing.

+ I love high ponytails. I don't know if they're "in" or if the whole low-pony thing is still "what's hot", but I love a good high pony.

+ Cleaning sucks. Having a clean apartment rocks. The struggle is real.

+ Beer tastes so much better between May and September, kind of like country music. It's not like I'd sit around drinking a beer and listening to Luke Bryan in December but man that tastes good at this time of year. And by taste I meant the beer, not Luke Bryan. I wish I knew what Luke Bryan tastes like ;)

+ I want to go shopping, and then there's that whole saving-money thing. Again, struggle bus.

+ Loving what you do is such a gift. I feel incredibly grateful that I do not dread going to work every day and that my days fly by. The way things work out sometimes is a funny thing.

+ Bangs or no bangs...? I love bangs, especially on other people when they really require no extra work on my part. I also love them on myself but seriously, in the summer? I don't know if the extra maintenance is worth it... and yes, these are the things I struggle with on a daily basis.

And I finally decided what top to wear for the concert on Wednesday (see? blogging is therapeutic) so only one final random thought: Life is short. Do what you want and love what you do. Love who you are and soak up every second.

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