Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Past 75 Days...

I almost forgot what url to type into the browser up there. 

Then I was logged out of my google account so I had to try to remember that password. 

Then I had to practically re-familiarize myself with how to even start a new post...

Basically, it has taken lots of determination just to be typing here right now.

It's been so long. Too long. Too much time has passed since the last time I sat down and actually wrote a true blog post. One that wasn't a link-up, or sponsored post, or anything other than just writing. I never really thought of myself as a writer, let alone a good writer. In fact I always hated writing for school - I much preferred using the numbers side of my brain. But, like I've said before, blogging has made me realize there's something I love about writing. There's something about writing down your thoughts or feelings, even if it's a little scary that other people are reading them. 

But blogging, along with all other things that I enjoy or make me feel good, gets put on the back burner when life gets busy. Why do we do that to ourselves? Work or home life gets busy and stressful so the next thing you know I realize it's been a week since I wrote a blog post, made it to the gym, or packed something healthy for lunch. I am extremely guilty of giving up the good things, the things that help cure my stress, as soon as life gets stressful. Not cool, girlfriend. Not cool. 

Who knows, maybe I'll make time for blogging from here on out, even if other things are busy and consuming my time. Or maybe I won't, I really don't know. But I do know I miss sitting here. I miss writing. And I miss having this outlet. So I'm definitely going to try.

So, because I know so many people in the internet world are totally obsessed with me and need to know what I've been up to (please note the sarcasm), here are the quick highlights of life since the last blog update... 

+ I went to Maui with my family in January. 

+ I quit drinking. Yes, you read that right.

+ 7 weeks and 5 days later I started drinking again. Not gonna lie though, I enjoyed the weight loss benefits.

+ Reconnected with my best girlfriend. 

+ I signed up for the Fargo Marathon 10K.

+ I didn't actually run the 10K.

+ Went live on a new computer system at work. Hence the very few blog posts.

+ Went to Luke Bryan with my mom and Alyssa.

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Shout-out: My dad and aunt were the ones nagging me encouraging me to start blogging again, so I think they're pretty neat :) 

Also, blogging rule #4: Saturday night posts do not increase your blog traffic or do anything for your blog stats. Good thing I've decided I just don't freaking care.

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