Monday, February 23, 2015

The Future Of The Samantha Life

It seems like all of my recent posts start off with something like hey long time no see, or remember me?, or guess I don't have time to blog about life if I'm off living life. So just insert one or all of the above to get this post going today because honestly, I have no good reason for my recent absence. I literally disappeared - fell off the blogging face of the earth for a solid month or so I'd say and I don't even have a good excuse to tell you. All I know is, thank goodness for Blogger Men Tell All so this little bloggity of mine didn't start collecting dust.

I didn't get a promotion, have a baby, or adopt a cute puppy (no matter how tempting that last one may be) that has kept me busy and out of the world wide web loop. Work has been busy and things in my personal life have been time-consuming but I think I haven't been making an appearance here because I had no idea what to write. Sitting down to write sounded way too hard, partly because I felt like I had to. The white background of the Blogger post screen sounded daunting and stressful and I didn't want to sit down and force words. This is my space - to write when I want and what I want and enjoy it along the way. I don't want to sit down at my computer because I feel like I have to, so I guess I just didn't for a while.

It was actually a nice break and I thought about this little blog every so often. I missed it and I definitely missed staying up on the lives of some of my favorite bloggers. But I also knew that I needed to change just a few things if I wanted to make blogging fit into my life right now. There is a time and place for turning your blog into a source of income, creating a post schedule to follow, and hosting sponsor and I am definitely thankful that I have had the opportunity to do a little bit of that. 

But when you start making money on your blog, it turns into a job. You need to post regularly if people are paying to be on your sidebar. You need to post regularly and correctly if you are promoting a certain brand. It's work, as it should be if it's making you money. But my blog was starting to feel like too much work - I was worrying too much about promoting sponsors, stats, and writing sponsored posts. The focus wasn't on everything else anymore - all the reasons why I started blogging in the first place.

We all started blogging and put time into our blogs because we get something in return. It's rewarding for us in some way whether it be a creative or emotional outlet, source of income, or just a way to journal your life. Right now I need this blog to be for me. I want to write because I feel like writing, not because I need to promote another blogger or brand. I don't want to write because I haven't posted in 3 days and am worried about my stats dropping. I want to write because I have something to get off my chest or a happy moment to share. I'm going to just go back to the basics here for awhile and write, what I want and when I want. That's the other nice thing about blogging: it's my blog so really I can do whatever I want :)

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