Friday, January 16, 2015

T-G-I-F :: Daily Gratitudes

oh hey friday, high five for friday, friday fives, friday blog post, feeling thankful, day designer This picture has nothing to do with this post but it looked warm and made me feel happy so there ya go.

T-G-I-F!!! It's Friday and I didn't give myself enough time this morning to write out a post so it's a quickie today. I've still consistently been writing down one piece of daily gratitude at the end of every day:

+ My new planner :) I just love planning, and writing in it, and making lists.

+ Lunch dates with Jeanne and Addy. There's nothing better than breaking up the day with a best friend lunch date.

+ Busy days that make the work day fly by!

+ Working out - man, I missed that. It felt so good getting back into it the other day. I'm even looking forward to going again at the end of the day today.

+ Shopping + dinner date's with mom at Maxwell's. This is probably the reason I didn't give myself enough time this morning...

I would suggest trying to write down one thing you're thankful for at the end of each day. It definitely reminds me how lucky I am and to appreciate even the smallest of things in life. Happy Friday and have a great weekend! It's supposed to be in the 30s again here like it was yesterday - heat wave!!!

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