Friday, January 9, 2015

Oh Hey, Friday || Gratitude Edition

Oh thank god, the first full week of 2015 is done! Now only 19 more weeks until we get another paid day off of work! Ugh, November and December fly by thanks to Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and the whole paid-holidays-off thing; and then January comes around and the next paid day off is Memorial Day. Memorial Day = shorts weather which seems to be nowhere in sight right now. But we'll just keep on truckin'.

With my new Day Designer planner (eeeek!!! :) ) there is a Daily Gratitude section at the bottom of every page that I have decided I am going to fill in every single day. Even if my daily gratitude is the fact that I got to take a lunch break or have time for coffee in the morning, I am hoping that I can jot down one small thing every single day that I am thankful for. Looking back on old planners is kind of like looking through a journal or diary (I have kept my planners from the past few years!) And I think that the gratitude section specifically could be fun to look back on.

So today, for my oh hey friday fives, I'm going to share the past 5 things that I listed in the Daily Gratitude section of my Day Designer...

[an insta-shot of my week]

|| This week's Daily Gratitudes ||

1 || Relaxing weekends in comfy pants <3

2 || Target runs after work :)

3 || Sparkly gel manicures (& warm gloves)

4 || An evening alone to unpack, organize, & listen to BSB

5 || Long, hot showers + uggs

The way I see it, things could be a lot worse. Happy Friday to all of you!

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