Thursday, January 15, 2015

3 Things I Will NOT Do In 2015

I don't think it's ever too late to set goals, make new plans, or do whatever other life-changing things you may decide to set your mind to - at least this is what I keep telling myself since it's basically halfway through the first month of the year and I'm just getting around to it. I've thought a lot the past few weeks about what my goals are for the coming year. I didn't pick a word of the year and I didn't set a new year's resolutions - mostly because I really don't think I'm good with words so I couldn't come up with the one and my new year's resolution probably would have been something stupid centered around weight loss and exercise that would last about a day. Just being honest.

However, my new planner (Day Designer) has en entire section at the front about setting goals, defining your passions, and dreaming big so I decided to work through it a bit the other day. For a very realistic, analytical person it's hard to dream that big. It's hard to put on paper a bunch of things that I'd love to do or accomplish in 2015, no matter how crazy or outrageous they are - but I did it. I also wrote down a few things I'd like to focus on in each of the core values of my life - Family, Financial, Career, Spiritual, and Personal.

Now I just realized I'm blabbing on and on about this and there is no way in hell I'm going to share these things here - for some reason they seem so personal to me. It feels like a diary that I only want to keep for myself. I didn't even let Parker look over my shoulder the other morning as I was working through the pages. But overall I spent a lot of time thinking about the person that I want to be and become in 2015 and beyond - things I like about myself, things I want to be better about, changes I want to make in life ... you know, all that grab life by the horns and just be you kind of stuff. So I decided that for now I will share the 3 things that I will NOT do in 2015...

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I will NOT care so much what other people think.
You would think sometimes that I'm 14 years old and worried what the popular girls at school think. I worry way too much about other people. I worry what they think; I worry if I hurt their feelings when I made that joke; I worry what they'll think about my own decisions about my own life; I worry that she didn't text me back so she must be mad about something and I would love to let go of this.

I will NOT put every single thing above exercising on my mental list of priorities.
I do not exercise unless my apartment is clean, I don't need anything from Target, I have 4 days of blog posts written and scheduled, dinner is planned out and prepared for 2 nights, and tomorrow's lunch is ready - so basically never. I need to make this a priority and stop moving it down the list to do if I have time. I have not exercised for a long time and I miss it, I really do, so I need to get back into a good routine and habit of putting it in my Top Three.

I will not say things out loud that put myself down.
Think about it. How often does someone compliment you on your outfit and you completely brush it off and start telling them how what you really wanted to wear wasn't clean so you had to settle for this and it's not even comfortable and you should've curled your hair to go with that top - or some other similar situation. I would like to start accepting compliments and not respond to them by putting myself down in some way, no matter how small. I think the self-help or inspiration books call this negative self-talk... yeah, that needs to stop.

I think this all boils down to confidence - so maybe in the back of my mind that will be my word of the year for 2015. I want to be confident in myself, how I look, how I feel, the people I surround myself with, and how I choose to spend my time. Easy enough, right?

Did you make a New Year's Resolution or choose a word-of-your-year for 2015? I'd love to hear about the goals and aspirations your have for yourself, especially if they are similar in any way to mine. It's always nice to connect with someone else working toward the same things! Leave me a comment below or shoot me an e-mail (

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