Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Well I Guess That Was Thanksgiving

Ok seriously, wasn't it just Halloween?! How is it already time to be getting all the Christmas decorations out?! Which, if we're being honest here: I didn't get one Christmas tote nor ornament out on Thanksgiving weekend. I'm pretty sure that makes me a horrible, un-American person who's not even qualified to own an Instagram account. On the other hand, I have unpacked like 8 boxes since Sunday which means I could technically be off the hook for the week since I set a goal to unpack 1 box each day. But I'll probably keep tackling it each night so that I can feel somewhat-organized and have some Christmas decorations out by the middle of December at least.

Did you have a happy, relaxed Thanksgiving?! I think that's my favorite part about Thanksgiving - total and complete relaxation. I love Christmas, no doubt it's my favorite holiday. But there's something about Thanksgiving - the only to-do is cook a meal and every other part about it is completely focused on relaxing and enjoying who you're with. 

We had Thanksgiving with my parents, brother, and his wife Thursday. Friday I had to work but Saturday my mom and I enjoyed shopping - what a good kick-start to the holiday shopping festivities. In the downtime of the weekend I tried to spend as much time as possible at the lake and I was able to see one of my best friends while both of our hubbys were working. I think my favorite part about being home is getting those random 3-hour Friday wine nights and not having to only have perfectly-scheduled coffee or lunch dates in order to stay in touch with my friends. I just love being back home!

We also were able to hit up the penny wine sale Saturday so you are looking at one happy girl with a wine-stocked storage closet :) I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving too!!

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