Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Currently [December Edition]

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Making :: progress on our unpacking process! This week I have already unpacked close to 10-12 boxes and that is a big deal. That's 10-12 boxes more than I unpacked last week. Plus, once you get going it's fun since the apartment starts to look pretty and homey again, rather than sparse and bare. 

Listening :: to music that is not Christmas or Holiday music. I kept telling myself I had to get through the boxes in our apartment before the Christmas decor could come out and Christmas music just doesn't give the same feeling when you're not surrounded by snowmen and twinkly lights. If everything goes according to plan I should finally be listening to Christmas music by Friday :)

Wrapping :: nothing, yet. Mostly because I don't even know where all our wrapping paper is packed...

Watching :: Netflix, because we've lived here for weeks and haven't even gotten tv service yet. More specifically I'm watching the full seasons of Criminal Minds which means I'm not sleeping great but such a good show.

Anticipating :: this weekend :)
How about you >> Is your home in full Christmas-y mode yet?! And how is your Christmas shopping coming? If you've started then you're further along than I am...

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