Friday, December 19, 2014

a gopro vid + christmas stuff

oh hey, friday! it's nice to see you - we've been missing you since monday :) 

actually, this week went by fairly fast for me. work was busy busy busy - which i love! i would much rather be busy and have the days fly by than the alternative. even better, next week is a short week. hellooooo christmastime!

1 || my brother finished his video of our trip to the boundary waters over labor day! 1 - how amazing are go pros? 2 - how freaking talented is my brother?! i am so thankful he puts in hours of his time to create memories like this that will last a lifetime...

2 || monday i had a massage appointment at the end of the work day. after moving and all of that a massage was just what the doctor ordered and it was ah-mazing. i came home afterward, poured a glass of wine, lit some candles, took a hot shower, and basically did nothing the rest of the night. does it even get better than that?

3 || christmas is less than a week away (insert heart-eyed emoji here).
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4 || confession: we haven't put up our tree yet, and we probably won't even get it up. i plan on enjoying my christmas-y decor, twinkly lights around our apartment, poinsettias, and christmas music as much as possible to make up for it. 

5 || today i wrote all my work-related events and all birthdays/anniversaries in my 2015 planner - yes, that makes me very happy and most definitely makes my week's list of top 5s. 
this weekend is time for christmas shopping on steroids! we don't have a huge list of people to buy for but we're approximately 9% done with our list, soo.... christmas-shopping weekend it is! what are you up to this weekend?! 

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