Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Nina Life

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This is a guest post (that I love!) written by Nina from The Grand Adventures of Me -- stop on by her blog to see what I have to say today! #bloggerswap

Dear The Samantha Life's Readers,

If you came here looking for a post about Samantha's Life, sorry. You will have to go to The Grand Adventures of Me to find what she has to say today. And when you go over to The Grand Adventures of Me, it would be lovely if you hit that little "Follow via Bloglovin" button on the right hand side because I, Nina, (the author behind The Grand Adventures of Me) want to make new friends. It's a win win situation. You see more posts like you are getting ready to read right now, and then I see more of your posts. Friends for all!

But if you're wondering why you should be my friend, allow me to shamelessly promote myself.
For one, I am great at taking selfies. I have no idea how to not be awkward about it, so when I have a cute outfit day, I decide the opportune moment is to take the photo while I'm brushing my teeth. I also just figured out how to use VSCO Cam, Afterlight, and all those other cool editing apps. Basically, I'm moving up in the iPhone Photography world. My goal is to make it to 100 likes on an Instagram photo. So far I'm only up to 68 - and that's only on photos of my boyfriend and myself. I usually get the most likes when I say something sweet and sentimental. I'm wondering where all the cynics are in the world, because if I was single and saw all that cuteness, I would gag.
1)Awkard Selfie for the Win 2) Awkward Halloween photo #1 3) Awkward Halloween photo #2

I recently listened to a TED talk about identifying yourself. The lady who spoke was a cancer survivor, but she said that wasn't her identity. I haven't gone through anything traumatizing worth sharing on the internet, but that got me thinking about how we identify ourselves. In our bios we write something along the lines of "I am a coffee addict, a full-time student, a blogger, a Jesus follower, a daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, and that girl that runs into doors and walls so much that she doesn't notice it anymore." But is that who I really am? Sometimes I think I am so much more. I am someone who procrastinates on almost everything, but then makes lists in her daily planner such as "wake up on time" just so I can cross it off to make my life feel like it's in order. And yes, I always press snooze, and often oversleep. But on the upside I can get ready for anything in 20 minutes. I spend a lot of time composing poems in my head that slip away from me like several guys did in middle school because they thought I was annoying. I also secretly enjoy listening to TED talks, and a lot of times I wish I was born in the 40's when purses and hats and shoes all matched. I am on the verge of jumping off this cliff into the real world, where I'll have a job (dear Lord, please let me do something other than retail), rent, and maybe I will be married with a family one day. These are all things about me that are important to me, but not necessarily important to you. So do all these things make up my identity? I haven't decided yet. Identity is important, but I have a feeling that even those of us in our later 20's and 30's never feel like we have an established identity. That's the scary and exciting thing about life - it morphs, and so do we.

A few other important things about myself that you should know before you hop over to my blog to read Samantha's post for today:

1) One time Ben Savage tweeted at me and it made my day. Read: this is my claim to fame.

2) I don't understand why I started growing four thin chin hairs at 19, or why I always forget about them until I'm sitting in class with no access to tweezers.

3) My accent repertoire consists of The Sarah Palin voice, British, Latin American, and I've been working on my New Zealand accent a lot lately.

4) My favorite foods are cake, nachos, and bacon - just in case you want to feed me dinner one day.

5) If you were to scan The Grand Adventures of Me to see what my blog is all about, I would first want to warn you that I am not a fashion blogger, and this is why. I am also in the business of trying to be an optimist, so I would promote my 36 Ways to Become a Happier Person. And then finally, my most recent favorite post is the one where another blogger and I open up with our boyfriends and share The Truth about Interracial Relationships.

My blog is currently in a limbo where I cross between light-hearted posts, or posts where I talk about things of the heart. I don't want a brand, I just want to write.

Can you, as bloggers, relate? If so, let me know in the comments!
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