Sunday, November 16, 2014

Highlight Reel Of The Past 7 Days

Oh hey, I moved, did ya know that?! Probably since I wrote about it here, here, annnnnd here too - wow, blogging really is pretty narcissistic isn't it? Here let me just talk about myself some more and expect people to read and enjoy it... I promise, pretty soon here I"ll come up with some more pin-worthy (less self-centered) posts. But until then...

Highlight Reel Of The Past 7 Days:

+ I was reunited with my planner after not having it for 3 weeks! It was good, so good. I'm never letting that thing out of my sight again.
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+ I also was introduced to my new 2015 planner - the Whitney English Day Designer. Seriously, in the life of a organized, list-obsessed woman, could this week have gotten any better?!

+ The answer to that question is yes, because we are officially going with my parents to Maui in January! They just invited us in the last few weeks and once we all got our time off from work and school ok'd they booked the tickets. Cue excited face now! This is why mom whipped up Mai Tais on Saturday night while it was snowing outside...
highlight reel of the past 7 days, weekend recap, 7 day recap, highlight reels, blog post ideas

+ I have decided that Monday through Thursday I will go to the gym right after work before heading home. Why? Did you miss the part where we're going to Maui in 2 months?! So tomorrow at 4:30 CST, tweet me / text me / do something to make sure I am on my way to the gym! :)

+ I wish there were a lot of empty boxes on this highlight reel but instead the same packed boxes that were sitting in our kitchen last Tuesday are still sitting in our kitchen. Have I mentioned how much I dislike unpacking?!

+ My MacBook keeps telling me I'm low on disk space like I'm supposed to do something about it. Um, I totally would, except that would mean I'd have to unpack the box that has all of our office supplies and external hard drive in it...

+ Tomorrow marks my first day on the new job. You could call me nervous, excited, anxious, weird, and many other things because, hello I'm a woman and we can never let ourselves just feel one thing. That would be far too easy for men to keep up with.

And on that note, it's time to go pick out tomorrow's outfit! And I should probably make some dinner or something for when Parker's done working. And I should probably pack my workout clothes so I don't "accidentally" forget them. Ugh, adult life is just sometimes!

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