Wednesday, November 12, 2014

eleven things that currently make me happy

11 things that make me happy, my happy list, happy, being happy, blog post about happy, #happy #life #shopping #pedicures
11 things that make me happy, my happy list, happy, being happy, blog post about happy, #happy #life #shopping #pedicures

+ shopping days with mom. on a completely related note: one thing that doesn't make me happy is spending nearly a grand on clothes that there's no way i can possibly return or change my mind on. wait, i hope parker isn't reading this...

+ having wednesday off. i mean, having the whole week off.

+ blogging. because your comments have literally made me feel like a million bucks throughout the ups and downs of this past week. thank you thank you thank you!

+ road-tripping with my dad. i mean, it's happening tomorrow so i'm not totally sure yet but i'm pretty sure it'll make me happy.

+ shoe shopping. which is on today's agenda.

+ pedicures. which is also on today's agenda. jealous much?

+ two closets so that parker actually has space to hang his clothes. because, let's be honest, when we just had one closet most of the clothes were mine...

+ wine that makes me feel like it's ok to write a blog post instead of cleaning or unpacking.

+ being home. seriously, i think i should write an entire post about all the reasons why i love being here. but it would basically consist of seeing my family, going out, and loving my target .... wow, i sound lame.

+ christmas shopping. although (now i hate to be a debbie downer here) but isn't it still a little early for christmas music? i love bath and body works candles but i could not stand listening to christmas music all day when it's not even the middle of november!

+ life. right now my life makes me happy - i was able to crank out a 11 things that currently make me happy post literally in a matter of seconds and

happy happy happy wednesday friends! i hope your wednesday is at least less snow-filled than mine :)

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