Thursday, November 20, 2014

a letter to myself

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Dear Me,

You need to just chill out lately. 

You know, it's ok if there are boxes in your apartment and half the garage that are keeping you from fitting both vehicles in there. Winter weather has barely started and you'll get it done soon - it doesn't have to happen right. now.

Speaking of things that don't have to happen right now? Figuring out your life... it's not like you can write in your planner that tonight's to-do is to figure out your life. If it were that easy there would be a lot less screwed-up people in this world. Not that if you don't have your life figured out you're screwed up... it will come with time. Just chill out.

You just worry way too much. Who cares what other people think? Who cares if it was an awkward conversation? Who cares if you wore that scarf the last 3 days? The answer is... those things really don't matter so stop your fricken worrying. Nobody likes a Worrying Wanda or a Debbie Downer so snap out of it.

Nobody is perfect so stop expecting yourself to be. Seriously, think how boring and monotonous life would be if we never made mistakes.

And now. 
Now that I've harped on you and told you what not to do... just a few things you need to always remember:
You are a beautiful person on the inside, embrace it. 
Life is short, live it. Eat the cookie, buy the shoes, or take the risk if it'll make you happy. 
You are in control, nobody else.
Enjoy your life and follow your heart - just don't think so much.


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