Tuesday, November 4, 2014

25 Facts About Muah!

Whoa, two blog posts in two days?! I don't think that's happened in...like...a long time. Well it's happening. But mostly because I'm just avoiding the entire packing process right now. It's getting to that point where there's a bunch of miscellaneous crap left and that gets a little overwhelming so, naturally, I just give up for the time being.

I meant to write this post last week when it was actually a part of Helene and Taylor's #Blogtober14 but, obviously I never got around to it. So here it is now! Hope you enjoy getting to know me a little better...

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1 || I'm 26 years old, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and wearer of my heart on my sleeve.

2 || I'm currently always obsessed with shoes, wine, purses, jewelry, or anything else accessory-related.

3 || I actually went to school to be a high-school math teacher and am not doing that anymore.

4 || I worry way too much about what other people think.

5 || I like to bake, but I don't like to cook. Thank goodness my husband likes to cook :)

6 || I do not have any kids, of the human nor fur kind.

7 || My favorite holiday is Christmas.

8 || It is a big deal if I straighten (let alone, curl!) my hair or wear eyeshadow. For the record, I blow-dried and straightened my hair every day last week, as opposed to spritzing hairspray in some uncombed post-shower hair to go for the "wavy" look.

9 || I have one brother, and we had one dog. I miss Bear so much. And yes, we named her Bear (actually that's short for Polar Bear).

10 || I'm just over 5'7" and probably weigh more than I should. Work in progress I guess.

11 || I would pick one favorite TV show but I can't possibly.

12 || I used to be a dancer - I did ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical... you name it. God, I miss that dancer's body I used to have. 

13 || Horror movies give me nightmares. Actually, even Law & Order SVU gives me nightmares if I'm home alone.

14 || I think my dream vacation has to be to go to Europe with my mom.

15 || I suck at sports, other than dance. Because for the record, dance is a sport.

16 || When I get really angry I cry. When I get super sad I cry. When I'm watching a TV show like Parenthood I cry. Basically, I cry a lot - and super easily.

17 || Coffee is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

18 || Sometimes I get along better with guys than I do with girls.

19 || Yes, it is possible to drink an entire bottle of wine in one night by yourself. Wait, is that a fact about me? Yes, yes it is.

20 || I love hockey, but probably only because of Parker.

21 || I am extremely stubborn.

22 || I love love.

23 || I used to think that my brother and I would grow up to be professional ice skating partners and compete in the olympics.

24 || I love math. I love budgeting. I might be a bit of a freak.

25 || I am a blogger. It's crazy how this little hobby of mine has turned out to be such a big part of me.

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