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Skin Care Favorites

Have I mentioned that it's only T minus 10 days until Parker drives out here on my last day of work and we load up our things for the big move back to Fargo?! Although it's most likely obvious already, you should probably not come to expect daily blog posts in the coming 10 days. Between long work days, packing, organizing, and cleaning I have not had a ton of time for blogging - not to mention, sometimes the last thing I want to do is look at a computer screen after all of that! So thanks for hanging in there lately and still stopping by when a post does happen to grace the blog :) I also have not been reading my book or eating many dinners that aren't frozen so at least you can know the blog is not the only thing being a little neglected. Now, today I'm super excited to have Cait guest-posting about her favorite skin care products!

Hey y'all. I'm Cait. I blog over at My Life As A Long. Big thanks to Samantha for letting me stop by today. I'm by no means a fashion or beauty blogger. If I am being completely honest, my daily outfit is a pair of jeans, flip flops, and a company t-shirt with my hair pulled in a bun with no make up. Obviously I love sleeping until the last minute don't I? I do take my skin very seriously though. My teenage years were full of acne, and while I have mostly grown out of it, if I don't take extra care of my face and skin, I will break out again.

So while this may not work for others, it works for me. I love reading about other blogs that share their favorite things, so I figured I would share my favorite skin care favorites. The list is long, and I don't use all of these daily. Most of the time, I mix and match so to speak. Thankfully though, I have found brands and products I love and I stick to them.

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First up is sunscreen. I use this for overall coverage whenever I am outside. I know, I know. the 100+ SPF does nothing extra, but I like it, and I have yet to get burnt while using it, so I stick to it. I use this for my face. My big problem is finding something that won't make my face feel icky, or make it extra oily. I just recently started using this one, and I love it. I always make sure I keep a bottle of this in my purse so I can add a little if I am out in the sun too long.

Next up is lotion. I have a ton of bath and body works lotion, and I use it, but for every day use, I use this. I've been using it for years. I even keep a mini bottle in my car. I use it after every shower, and most nights before bed. I also use this on my elbows, hands, and feet before bed. I don't remember how I ended up with it, but I love it. My feet are always extra dry because I hate wearing shoes, so this is really great. I also make sure to use this nightly around my eyes.

As far as my face goes, I love the Yes To! line. I have used most all of their products at one point or another and I love most of them all. For my face, I am a huge fan of the Yes To Tomatoes line though. I keep the scrub in the shower and I use it daily. I use the gel cleanser in the evenings. 
For the face wipes and freshen spray, I use the spray when I have a little more time on my hands, and I use the wipes when I am crunched for time. You can also bet that the wipes are packed away in my work out bag. I have tired all the Yes To! face wipes, and the blueberry are my favorite. They do a great job at removing my make up as well.

I usually only use the moisturizer a very little at a time, and I use it usually every other night, or every third night. If I use it too often, or I use too much, my face becomes oily fast. I also like to treat myself and use the mask every so often. When I buy the scrub at Target, they usually are including one mask free. Since my husband and I both use the scrub, we go through it twice as quick as if it was just me using it, so I keep a little collection of the single use face masks, and when I get a little me time, I pamper myself.

What are some of your skin care favorites? 

Thanks again to Samantha for letting me be on her blog today.

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