Thursday, October 23, 2014

It All Started When I Forgot My Planner

So Sunday was going great: Once we finally got out of bed Parker went to work, I met a friend for coffee, then I drove the 4 hours home to start the work week (remember I only have 12 more work days of being separate from my husband!) I got home and was relaxing on the couch until I got a text from Parker:

You forgot your planner... 

And then it had an emoji at the end that basically implied ooooooooh shiiiiit. It's that iPhone emoji where the eyes are googly and wide-eyed and you can't tell if he's supposed to be blushing or, like in this case, thinking "oh shit".

I immediately called him, duh. It's my busiest week at work! I had things written down on this week already! This is because by the time Monday comes around my to-do list for a week is basically full already because of everything I didn't get done the week before. What am I going to do?! 

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He offered to mail it to me - what a sweetheart; that's true love right there. I just asked if he could take a picture of last week and this week in the planner so I can refer to it still - you guys, seriously, I think I have a control problem. Maybe some of you think I'm crazy for reacting like this and maybe some of you don't even use a planner. I wish I was kidding or exaggerating this reaction but this is basically how it went down. That 2014 Erin Condren planner goes with me everywhere and that was not a great start to my week.

And it's not just any week - it's probably one of my busiest weeks at work out of the whole year. We have inventory to get prepped for our year-end at the end of this month so it's organizing, counting, billing, listing, searching... It's the end of everything we've been working toward for the past 12 months and it's been busy. And on top of all that, I don't even have my planner!

So I basically used one piece of paper to make a pathetic little planner for the week. I haven't even been adding that many things to my to-do list because it's just been such a crazy week. And if you set small, achievable goals there won't be any disappoint, right? I probably shouldn't ever be any sort of motivational speaker. Anyway, these are my small, achievable goals for this week:
  • Wake up on time.
  • Drink enough coffee in the morning to actually make me feel awake.
  • Write a blog post if there's time in a day.
  • Accomplish at least one thing each night after going home from my 10+ hour work day - watching a tv show that I have recorded does count.
  • Pack one box or area.
  • Watch my recorded tv shows.
  • Get dressed, blow-dried, and ready each morning.
  • Be happy.
I think I've done fairly well, especially under the planner-less circumstances. I probably could do better on the first one, considering I've woken up at least 30 minutes late each day this week. And now it's time to go get some coffee - because it's on my to-do list.

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