Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Blogger Men Tell All [Link-Up #2]

And it's time for Round 2 of Blogger Men Tell All! Round 1 was so fun, I've been looking forward to reading round 2 posts for weeks. Blogger Men Tell All is a monthly link-up with myself, Becca, and Melissa that we started as a way to get our guys involved in this awesome blog life. It happens on the last Tuesday of the month and all your man has to do to participate is answer 5 simple questions.

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It's fun, easy, and such a great way to let our men make a mark on our blogs. After round 1 I told myself that I would make sure to give Parker the questions further ahead of time so I could hopefully get a bit less rushed (read: more than 5 word) answers. Oh, and then life happened and I texted him a screenshot of the questions last night and he texted me the answers back in less than 5 minutes. Oh well, there's always round 3 in the future to improve with. But, I'd say the length and complexity of his answers are definitely improving... :)

1 || Is Halloween your favorite holiday? If not, what is?

Halloween is not my favorite holiday. My favorite is Christmas or my birthday... Why?.... I get prime rib for Christmas and whatever I want to eat on my birthday.

(I think the important lesson to learn hear is that birthdays are not technically holidays...)

2 || What will you be dressing up as for Halloween this year?

I am going as a hockey coach, since I will be in a tournament over Halloween.

3 || What is your go-to drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)?

Non-alchy: 1919 Root Beer all the way. Alchy: Whiskey Ginger OR John Collins with muddled oranges/lemons and whiskey.

(No offense, honey, but this does make you sound just a liiiiittle high-maintenance. "Muddled"?

4 || What is your favorite scary movie?

I hate scary movies.

(This is true; we never watch scary movies. Mostly because we both purposefully fall asleep so it doesn't become too obvious how scared we actually are. Either that, or I watch through my hands that I'm covering my eyes with.)

 5 || What is your best Halloween memory?

My best memory is when I was trick-or-treating in 7th grade... found a house that was giving out pop... My 3 friends and I changed into each other's costumes to go back 4 times to get pop... things were good back then.

(This is 100% his favorite memory because I think I've heard that story maybe 47 times :) )
Be sure to stop by on November 18th for Round 3 Questions and link-up with us for the 3rd round on November 25th. Now have your man answer the questions, grab our button, link-up below, and enjoy reading some of the (bound-to-be-funny) BMTA posts!

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