Wednesday, October 8, 2014

5 Confessions From The Heart [ + AD SALE ]

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photo from our Jamaica trip {March 2014}
Confession #1

Lately, I've been looking forward to sitting down in front of my computer, reading blogs, writing posts, getting lost in this thing while the evening passes by quickly... And then I sit down, open my computer, pull up blogger, and I'm stuck. Just stuck. Like when you're sitting at a green light but traffic is so backed up you can't even cross to the other side of the intersection. I kind of feel like there are so many thoughts in my head that I just can't formulate any of them into words worthy of a blog post. So then I just don't post - see: yesterday. 

I blame moving, and the fact that Parker's there and I'm here, and the fact that work is busy and so is every single weekend until the end of the month. But girl please, you need to pull it together here. Is this writer's block? I've never really considered myself a writer, so maybe this is just more of a blogger's block... Either way, it's getting annoying and needs to stop. 

Confession #2

I miss Parker. And then I feel guilty for missing him so much because other couples do this all.the.time and for MUCH longer periods of time. But reminding myself of that fact is not making it any easier.

Confession #3
I hate driving in the dark and it's getting to the time of year where that happens more often - the days are getting shorter and the sun sets shortly after 7:00 pm. This obviously doesn't bode well for my 4-hour drive home that starts at the end of the work day every Friday. It's also deer season and considering what happened last year, I'm scared to death of deer season.
Confession #4

I left my hair dryer in Fargo on Sunday and now I am sitting here with my hair in a turban-like towel look, wondering exactly what I'm going to do here. A straightener doesn't work so well on wet or damp hair and I'm not sure my neck can withstand the whiplash required to air-dry this mess by the time I have to get to work.

Confession #5

I feel like I am a constant jealous emotion lately - jealous of Parker living in Fargo; jealous of friends with dogs or babies; jealous of skinny people; jealous of friends who can afford houses; jealous of people who sleep through the night because when Parker's gone I wake up multiple times convinced someone is breaking in - it goes on. Jealousy is exhausting.

I don't like change, hence the anxiety I'm feeling with all the changes happening right now. But lots of times, change is good. We need change in order to grow in life, in order to move on to bigger and better things, and sometimes in order to appreciate what we already have. (We also need change to make our blogs prettier - what do you think of my my edited about me gadget in the top left? Opinions are welcome!) 

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And with that, I need coffee. You with me on any of this? Have any confessions to share? Or maybe I'm the only one who ever feels any of this and I am literally a crazy-woman -- yeah, that might be it.

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