Monday, October 6, 2014

3:00am Weekends + Giveaway!

Another weekend flies by, Monday morning comes around, and I am again fully convinced that I need just 1 more day! Just one more. Although if weekends were 3 days long I'd probably be fully convinced that I need four. It just seems as though Monday morning always comes back in the blink of an eye, especially now that weekends are the only time I get to see Parker.

I officially accomplished nothing this weekend - had lots of fun, but I wasn't very productive. I drove to Fargo, got to see Parker, Ward, Alyssa, and my mom and dad, and Saturday night we went downtown to watch my dad's buddy's band play. I went to bed at 3:00am Saturday night - 3am! I do not do that. I can not remember the last time I was up until 3 am. I probably don't need to point this out but that was obviously part of the "un-productivity problem" yesterday. Yesterday consisted of watching movies on the couch with Parker, eating one meal, and driving home just in time to unload and crawl into bed. Yes, pathetic. What did you do this weekend?!

And now this morning I'm running behind because I obviously overslept so the most you're going to get today is some photos from my iPhone. But there's a giveaway below, so that's happy! Thanks for stopping by -- I'll be back with something better tomorrow, promise :)

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Enter your little heart out!

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