Friday, September 19, 2014

Please Do A Rain Dance For Us

This week dragged on. It did, I'm not going to lie. I even texted Laura on Wednesday completely asking about "tomorrow" as if "tomorrow" was already Friday. Thankfully she's still my friend even though I'm officially crazy. But it was kind of an eventful week and I'm kind of excited to spill the beans about all of it :)

(1) My mom came to visit! 

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(2) And not just to visit, take us out to dinner, and make us breakfast in the morning the way moms do. She also spent an entire afternoon and the next morning packing up our stuff while we were working. She is officially a packing machine and it has made me feel so much better about how this whole process is going to go. Parker left for Fargo after work yesterday and already completely filled up his truck with things to move to our new apartment. I'm hoping that if we take a load each time we go there it won't be a ton of stuff to move at the end.

(3) Parker left for Fargo last night because he has a third interview with the same place today! Say a little prayer, make a wish on an eyelash, or do a rain dance - whatever you want to send him some good vibes!

(4) When I leave work this afternoon I will be heading to my first-ever blogger's weekend. Sure I've gone on a blate before with my friend, Laura. But never a whole weekend and never a whole group of bloggers. I'm kind of excited and I may have spent an hour last night trying on a bunch of clothes to decide what to wear. I'm also kind of nervous about meeting all of them. And I'm equally nervous about the spin class that we are scheduled for Saturday morning.

(5) It's Friday. That's my #5 because I'm fresh out of thoughts and short on time. Peace out. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Don't forget to do your rain dance!

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