Monday, September 15, 2014

I B E L I E V E . . .

I believe in love.

I believe that good things happen to good people.

I believe a haircut and pedicure can make a woman feel 10 times better. And while you're at it, wax those eyebrows. It'll make the world of a difference in how you feel.

I believe in forgiveness. If it weren't for forgiveness, I wouldn't have many of the friends and loved ones in my life today. We're all human.

I believe in blogging. Writing. Expressing yourself. Whatever you want to call this crazy part of the www.

I believe in treating yourself - buy the shoes, get a massage, go on a date. No one ever looks back on those moments and thinks I wish I would have never done that.

I believe in saying I love you. Every chance you get. 

I believe in having "just one more" glass of wine. I also believe in wine at lunch on a day off.

I believe in speaking your mind and wearing your heart on your sleeve.

I believe in Papa Murphy's. And other cheap and easy dinner ideas to fall back on when you forget to start the crock-pot. 

I believe in making wishes on eyelashes or a clock that reads 11:11.

I believe in complimenting or befriending strangers. Who knows, that one simple compliment may possibly completely turn their day around.

I believe in Target. Because, duh.
I believe in buying cards. For every single occasion and every single non-occasion. I do not believe that cards are a waste of money.

I believe in Santa Clause. And the Easter Bunny. Because if we don't, future children will never grow to love the spirit of those holidays. I do not believe in ghosts because I like to sleep at night.

I believe in sleeping in on weekend mornings, but only until like 8:30. Because I also believe in morning coffee and quiet time.

I also believe in morning margaritas if the occasion calls for it. PJs and all.

I believe in God and that there is a plan for every single one of us. I know we need to trust in that and I don't think there will never be a perfect time for anything.

I believe in loving and enjoying life, even on a Monday.


What do you believe in?

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