Wednesday, September 17, 2014

30 Reasons Why I Love Fall

Have you realized yet that the first day of fall is in less than a week?! It's hard to believe. I feel like I was just embracing the 50-degree weather, breaking out the shorts, and getting pumped up for summer. It does seem like summer is always the season that flies by the fastest though - that's life I guess.

The changing seasons is one of my favorite parts about living where we do. Sure the month of January (read: basically the whole winter) can totally suck and be super cold. But I love when warm summer days turn into crisp, fall air. I even love the first snowfall of the year and the feeling of a cozy, winter evening inside. I know that if I ever moved to a different part of the country I would miss feeling the change of every season.

And I am ready to bring on fall!

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1 || pumpkins. in fact, just pumpkin everything.

2 || candles

3 || pumpkin spice lattes

4 || warm, sunshine-y days

5 || hay rides or haunted houses for those of you who actually find entertainment in getting the pants scared off of you.

6 || scarves

7 || boots

8 || hats

9 || cute jackets. and yes, the last 4 things on my list were accessory-related.

10 || redecorating - time to break out the fall decor and harvest pumpkin candles.

11 || apple crisp

12 || peanut butter banana bread

13 || thanksgiving

14 || leaves changing colors

15 || crisp air

16 || halloween movies on abc family

17 || tv shows starting up again

18 || uggs

19 || football

20 || candy corn

21 || seasonal beers

22 || fire

23 || sleeping with the windows open

24 || snuggling during movie nights

25 || hunting. parker made me add that one to the list. he also told me to add that it's almost hockey season.

26 || apple cider. i'd like to try making a homemade apple cider this season - i know kerry has one.

27 || kids in costumes

28 || candy

29 || roasted pumpkin seeds

30 || and for those of you who don't like fall, at least it's almost christmas :)

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