Monday, August 11, 2014

The Result of "Trying To Kill Some Time"

I'm the type of person that basically has a never-ending to-do list and is always trying to do way too much. If I have a day off I cram it full of errands, cleaning, filing pictures, or other ridiculous and time-consuming tasks. It's hard for me to let myself have some time off from getting a bunch of stuff done so the way my Saturday went was completely out of the ordinary for me.

Parker was gone for hockey this weekend (yes ... again) and we'll be heading to the lake Tuesday since we have a few days off before MY BROTHER GETS MARRIED ON SATURDAY! I'm kind of excited. Anywho, so I decided not to go to the lake this weekend. I stayed home with, of course, a to-do list that I barely had enough room for in my planner. 

And then on Saturday, I did nothing.


Like I don't know if a person could get much more lazy or unproductive than I was. Unless you measure productivity by progress made on your latest Netflix season.

But then Sunday I kicked butt - at cleaning, running errands, and getting organized for the week. I still didn't finish all the ridiculous things I had on that to-do list but that happens, like, never so I still consider myself pretty productive. And happy. Because I am a freak and having a cleaning, dust-free, no-hair-in-the-bathroom apartment makes me so happy.

And to prove myself:

one & two | For me, cleaning the apartment also means tweaking a few minor decor arrangements.

three | Saturday night I made up a bit for the complete pile I was all day long and got some blog work done, alongside my friends caribbean escape candles and sleepytime tea.

four | What I have to show for my trip to Kohl's on Sunday. The mission was finding a dress for the Groom's Dinner. I'd say, mission accomplished. Which one is your vote? (The last one is a maxi.)

This post was supposed to be sharing my hopes and plans for the week and instead I just talked about my weekend. Oh well, I guess I run this little ol' thang so that's just the way it's going to be. Plus, it's more like a recap of the weekend's hopes and plans...?

By the way, I'm writing this ahead of time on Sunday night because I still need to kill another hour before I can go pick Parker up from the airport. Don't get my wrong, I'm glad he'll be home. I'm not glad about the fact that it'll be after midnight by the time I get to bed on a Sunday night.

And on that note, I hope you have a fantastic Monday. And I hope you feel a little more well-rested than I probably do right now. And seriously though, what's your vote on the groom's dinner dress??

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