Monday, August 4, 2014

A Day In The Life [Summer Weekend Edition]

I'm thinking instead of doing the typical weekend recap post this Monday, let's take this one step further. I'm not just going to flood my blog with pictures of the lake, adult beverages, or flowers this Monday (which is basically what I usually do) #sorrynotsorry. 

I've seen these A Day In The Life posts floating around blogland every so often and let's face it, my weekend days are much more exciting than my weekdays. Not only that, but the summer weekends are typically even more exciting than the weekends at any other time of year. So let's just jump right in, shall we?

Let me also point out that when I say they're more exciting I just mean that the few things I do are more appealing than working, watching a movie, or paying bills. I most definitely do not mean that they are action-packed or event-filled. Because sometimes the most that I accomplish is brushing my teeth, putting on my swimsuit, and walking down the stairs to the dock. Just didn't want you to get the wrong idea.

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So my day normally starts around 7:30ish when I roll out of bed, kiss Parks good morning, grab my phone, and head upstairs to the coffee pot. I pour a cup of coffee, walk over to the windows facing the lake to survey what the weather is looking like, and usually ask my parents if it's going to be nice today. Then I sit on the couch, drink a few cups of coffee, and flip through the paper and scroll through every single form of social media on my iPhone. 

We normally decide the night before if we are going to go out and do some cuts in the morning - at the lake that means go out for some wakeboard and ski runs semi-early in the morning while other people are still sleeping or having their coffee. We went out this past Saturday morning around 8:30 and it.was.beautiful. I did 2 ski runs and, like usual, ask myself why I don't do this more often because it's so fun and feels so good. 

Actually it didn't feel so good yesterday when my arms were so sore I couldn't raise them up to put a t-shirt on but it was worth it.

Sometimes we'll go back and have a cold beer on the deck after cuts because my dad says if you work hard you play hard. It's kind of a tradition. Then we'll take out some lunch or, like last Saturday, we'll take the pontoon to Zorbaz for lunch. Zorbaz is a Mexican/Pizza joint that is on the lake - it's kind of famous in Minnesota Lakes Country.

Basically we spend the afternoon either laying in the sunshine (and maybe enjoying a nap or two) on the deck - it's hard to stay awake when the breeze is blowing and you can hear the hum of the motors of all the boats passing by. Or else we head out on the water and take the boat to some of the sandy hang-out places on the lake where we do the same thing - lay in the sunshine and maybe take a nap - but the change of scenery is nice. Oh and sometimes we play catch or stand in the water so that makes me feel a little more active.

4:00 in the afternoon is pontoon hour. Instead of the usual cocktail hour we pack a beverage in the cooler and head out on the pontoon for a cruise around the lake. When we get back we jump in the lake to wash our hair - yes, we shower in the lake and I love it. Then we clean up, put some veggies out, get dinner ready, and typically socialize at the table for much longer than is actually necessary but my family just really is awesome.

We don't do anything exciting at night. Sometimes we have a bonfire, play a game, watch a movie, or go out on a late-night pontoon cruise. No matter what we do we don't make it super late because, hello, did you see how busy our day was?

It's nothing too exciting but you can come over if you want :)

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