Monday, July 14, 2014

This Post Is Basically Going Nowhere

We had another installment in the shower the future bride continuously with gifts series and attended shower numero dos for my future sister-in-law on Saturday. We were just guests and not hostesses for this one which was a nice change of pace. Food tends to taste better I think when you didn't have to do any work yourself to prepare it and I was loving the egg bake, fruit cups, and mimosas. I have also been loving my denim vest, which I have worn 3 days in a row now. I'm still thinking about going for day 4 and wearing it again today but we'll see how that pans out.

Speaking of showers I just remembered I never shared any pictures (except for this one teeny little post) of the personal shower my mom and I hosted a few weeks ago. Apparently follow-through is not one of my strong suits during the summer months. 

In other weekend news I went on a pontoon ride, drank a margarita, went water-skiing for my first time this year, saw my friend for coffee, held her baby, went to an open house, and Parker left for NY for a week. 

Now here's a question: if you're able to summarize your entire weekend in just one sentence are you effective or lame? Let's end on that note since this post is basically going nowhere. What can you expect? It's Monday morning and my brain is still warming up for the week.

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