Friday, July 18, 2014

My Blogmopolitan Feature

Oh hey, Friday. It's so nice to see you again!

Surprisingly my week went by pretty fast, considering I've been a single woman all week. I had to make my own coffee and buy groceries which totally sucked. But I also got to watch as much OITNB as possible and blog-binge without anyone saying anything so that wasn't awful. 

I was able to make our North Dakota Bloggers Network a little more official (see that cool button in my right sidebar over there ----->) so I'm pretty excited about that. If you are a North Dakota blogger be sure to click the button to read about our group and add the button to your blog! :)
Well I missed this party the first few times around but I showed up today to take Erin's Blogmopolitan quiz. I also just realized that I never answered one of the questions - and it was multiple choice, the easiest kind! But I think I looked at it and I really just didn't know what I am. I know I'm definitely not the life of the party and funny so I can eliminate that one. I also don't think I'm outgoing and bubbly - I mean I open up once I know you but I definitely wouldn't say I'm like that around strangers. 

And then there were two. But I don't think I'm either of those either. I think I'm introverted and confident, which obviously wasn't an option so you see my dilemma. I should've just picked (c). That's what everyone said to do in school anyway.

So there you have it. That is, undeniably, me. 

Have you ever thought about how blogging is basically just talking about ourselves every single day, more and more and more? I kind of just realized how self-absorbed of a hobby it is. Oh well, I'll still be back Monday to tell you allll about my weekend ;) Happy Friday, friends!

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