Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I can look at a photograph and get transported back to the time and place it was taken. I'm reminded of what every one of my senses was feeling at the time. 

Sometimes it makes me feel sad, like when I look at the photograph of my grandma and grandpa in the church pew on my wedding day and remember his smile. 

Sometimes it makes me laugh because it was so important to me to wear the bandana-inspired tank top to my 10th-grade Sadie Hawkins dance. 

Sometimes, a certain photo just makes me feel good, healthy, and happy:

I took this last Thursday night. We had just scarfed down some ham sandwiches in my mom and dad's kitchen and raced to get out on the water. I remember it feeling so hectic while standing in that kitchen because we were all just itching to get out there and start the long weekend off right. 

That first sip of my cold beer tasted so good, most likely because I was drinking it on a boat. I mean, I think everything is just better on a boat. It was the evening sun that was shining by this point in the day but my skin felt so warm - not too hot like it sometimes does at 3:00 on an August afternoon, but just the right amount of warm.

Not only do I remember all the laughter I was hearing, but I can feel the laughter coming from myself that was making my cheeks ache. And the skin on my face started to feel tired from looking into the wind while we were driving 25 mph. Just looking at the water was making me forget the stress of a work week and was very quickly calming my soul.

I remember taking this picture mid-sunset and feeling shocked how fast it seemed to be going down. We wanted more time. This was our first night and we weren't ready to get off the water anytime soon. I grabbed my iPhone so I could snap a quick picture of Parker floating with his wakeboard in the water. I felt so proud that he was my husband, fitting right into the lake life that I grew up with like he grew up there, too. 

I felt so lucky that the people making me laugh and feel good were my very own husband, brother, future sister, and a few friends. How did I ever get this lucky? I said a quick little prayer, just to say thanks.

I hope these memories don't slip away or fade with time because this is the stuff that life is all about. These are the feelings that I want to memorize. Thank God I snapped this quick photo so that I can treasure all the memories that were made before the sun slipped beneath the horizon.

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