Friday, July 11, 2014


wahoo! this week flew by since we had monday off so today it's friday but it really feels like thursday. in fact, yesterday i thought it was wednesday until about mid-morning so that was a nice surprise. except for the part where i had a conference call scheduled that i completely was thinking was the next day. oops.

parker leaves for new york on sunday and no i'm not going - he's going for hockey for like the fifth time in his 24 years of existence. for the record, i've never been to new york. we'll head to the lake tonight and he flies out of fargo on sunday. 

but for now, let's talk about some of my current favorites....

| favorite s h o w |
if there's one thing i've learned about myself it's that i don't do well with peer pressure. so last night i finally hopped on this Orange Is The New Black bandwagon because i was constantly scrolling through my twitter feed and feeling left out. i'm 2 episodes down and hooked! although, i did see more ta-tas in those 100 minutes than i think i've ever seen in my entire life.

| favorite p r o d u c t |
dove hairspray. it is hands down better than any "drugstore"/non-salon hairspray i've ever used. it holds nice, doesn't get crusty, and makes me want to smell my own hair all day long.

| favorite s n a c k |
popsicles. more specifically, Edy's fruit bars. mmm mmm good. 

| favorite b o o k |
here's the thing, i haven't even read one sentence out of a real, paper, non-electronic book since march. it's so sad because i love reading but haven't made time at all in the past few months. next on my reading list is divergent, again because i feel left out of the Divergent bandwagon too :) but on the other hand, i kind of just want to re-read one of my favorites to get back in the swing of things. i'm a series lover and without question my favorites are Harry Potter and Fifty Shades. i know - whoa, talk about two different genres right there...

| favorite q u o t e |
wherever you are, be all there. such a great reminder.
now i need to go pack that book (among other things) for the weekend. have a good one - peace out peeps.

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