Thursday, July 3, 2014

DIY: Glitter Letters {Bridal Shower Decor}

When in doubt, add glitter. At least that was our mantra when planning the decor for the bridal shower my mom and I hosted for my brother's fiancee.

We were browsing Pinterest for months to get a little inspiration for the decor ideas we wanted to use. That's when I found this pin but it didn't have any instructions on how it was made so I just kind of gave it a whirl. And if I do say so myself, it turned out pretty darn good - and it was easy.

Here's what you need:
Wooden (or 3-dimensional paper mache) letters
Loose glitter
Mod-podge & paintbrush or sponge
High-gloss clear acrylic finishing spray
Materials to hang/display your letters

Step 1: Paint the mod-podge onto the letter. Sprinkle loose glitter to achieve the coverage you'd like. Let stand for a minute, then shake off the excess. Repeat with each letter.

Step 2: Seal in the glitter with a high-gloss clear acrylic finishing spray. Spray 2 coats and let stand overnight. By the next morning you should be able to touch the letters without glitterizing your fingertips.

Step 3: This step differs depending on how you plan to use your super-sparkly letters. I wanted them as a door sign so we actually stapled the long piece of ribbon along the back to a 1x3 board. Then we nailed each letter to the board and used a wreath hanger to hang it from the door.

Step 4: Tie a bow to each letter for a pretty extra detail.

Voila! And as I say after every diy project I share: If I can do it, you can do it. Seriously. I do not have an extra crafty bone or diy talent by any means. The only hard part about this project was the fact that I kind of ended up with glitter everywhere, which is why this is a horrible photo-less tutorial. I mean, can something even be a tutorial if there are not photos as a part of the step-by-step process?

Most importantly, the bride liked it :)

Do not underestimate the power of glitter. You could probably take the ugliest thing you could possibly find, add glitter, and it would be spectacular.


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