Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Currently I Am...

+ Wishing I were here. But that's no different than any other day of my life.

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+ Finally caught up on my lack of sleep from bachelorette festivities last weekend. That only took 3 days - man, I feel old.

+ Up super early in the morning because it seems like that is the only time I can find to write lately. I love the summer months but they fly by so fast - I swear people are already talking about back-to-school, football, and pumpkins around here and I'm just not ready.

+ Looking forward to drinking one of these blue bobbing patron poppin margs this coming weekend. I've been thinking I should probably share the recipe on here so that I am not depriving you of one of life's greatest margaritas, so obviously now I have to make some so I can fine-tune the recipe and photograph those beauties.

#lakelife #summer #bluebobbinmargs #margaritas #bloglife #planners #erincondrenplanner #jobinterview #legendary #legendairy

+ Feeling a little disconnected from the blog world. It's like things just get a little bit quieter around these parts in the summer, and I am not disagreeing with or blaming anybody on that fact because the summer months should absolutely be enjoyed and time should be spent with friends and family. I just have felt a little disconnected since I'm struggling a little sometimes to make time for my own blog and I miss reading from some of my favorites!

+ Wanting a new planner, and not because I don't love mine because I really do. I'm just such a planner-obsessing freak that sometimes I wish I needed more than one. Maybe I'll just pre-order my 2015 calendar soon - at least that way I'll get it before February, because that was a bummer last year. Thoughts on favorites planners? I currently have the Erin Condren Life Planner.

#lakelife #summer #bluebobbinmargs #margaritas #bloglife #planners #erincondrenplanner #jobinterview #legendary #legendairy

+ Laughing. Hard at this photo. Not necessarily because it's hilarious but because I had to explain it to Parker. Can you figure it out? 

#lakelife #summer #bluebobbinmargs #margaritas #bloglife #planners #erincondrenplanner #jobinterview #legendary #legendairy
Photo source
His guesses were "legend milk", "legend calcium", and "milk legend" before I finally helped a brother out.

+ So so so so soooo excited for Parker who has an interview on Friday! Remember reading our last life update and I said that this November we will be moving back to Fargo? I have a job and Parker is currently job-searching. He has time obviously but I know he would love to know what he's going back to - it can be hard to feel like you're living in "limbo" sometimes. And plus, the interview is at our college alma mater so we're both pretty excited about that :) Good luck thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated.

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