Thursday, July 10, 2014

Because You're My Friend... [Cocktail Recipe]

Because you're my friend... I knew I needed to share this cocktail recipe with you (again - in case you missed it the first time) because it is perfect for this time of year. Just combine the first 3 ingredients then fill your glass with equal parts of the 2 juices. You'll thank me after your first sip. Just in time for Thirsty Thursday or your weekend shenanigans.

Because you're my friend... I kind of want to brag that I figured out how to customize my pin-it hover button last night- you know, that magical button that appears when you hover over any of my blog images. It lets you pin that image directly to your Pinterest account for future reference. When I told Parker about my excitement he really just didn't understand, nor care that much, but I knew you'd understand :)

Because you're my friend... You should try out that pin-it hover button I was just bragging about and pin that baby up there to your Recipes board. Then you will never lose it and maybe it'll go viral or something.

Because you're my friend... you would listen when I tell you about how great last weekend was and how I probably shouldn't have had those jello shots. But they were festive. #yolo

Because you're my friend... you would understand that I can't remember the last time we cleaned our apartment. It's just not in our top 3 priorities right now I guess. Weekends at the lake, grocery shopping so we don't starve, and taking a shower are just taking precedence lately I guess and there's only so much time in a day. 

Ok, we are totally friends right? I kind of just made that assumption and if we're not, don't even think about attempting to make that cocktail ;)

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