Tuesday, July 22, 2014

8 Reasons Why I Will Never Leave My Husband

Parker got back yesterday after being gone for 9 days and it was so nice to have him home! I don't mind a little alone time every once in awhile. It can be relaxing to have an evening or two alone to get things done or watch whatever I want. But I certainly don't need nine days alone and I kinda missed the guy.

Which brings me to...

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1. Who would photobomb my selfies?

2. My dinners were nowhere near as yummy or well-rounded as his. I survived but I am willing to admit that one night I had a piece of toast and fruit.

3. Driving around town, running errands, and grabbing a bite to eat is no fun to do by yourself. Plus, at least you like kind of cool jamming to music with someone else as opposed to alone.

4. Who would take pictures of me? That doesn't sound narcissistic at all but they're for the blog obviously.

5. Morning coffee. If you know me then you know he normally makes the coffee and I wake up to the smell of it brewing so last week was rough. That is all.

6. When he's gone I don't let myself watch Law & Order SVU, CSI, or any other show that might make me lay wide awake in bed on a night I'm home alone. And what kind of life is one without SVU?

7. I like taking care of people and I wouldn't have anyone to take care of. Although, I could get a puppy...

8. He makes me laugh. And so so many more mushy reasons nobody wants to read about :)
Agree or disagree? What do you and your significant other do for each other that you would miss?

I didn't have to make my own coffee this morning and it was absolutely wonderful. Happy Tuesday!

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