Wednesday, July 16, 2014

10 Things I've Learned Since I Started Blogging

I have learned so much since I started sitting down in front of my MacBook on a daily basis. And I'm not talking about college -- 1) Because I didn't have a MacBook in college and 2) Because I don't think I ever spent as much time in front of a computer in college as I do now as a blogger. Moving on... It seems like I find out something new every day thanks to blogging.

+ Chick-fil-A and In-n-Out Burger are 2 things this ND blogger needs to eat before I die. Doesn't it seem like other bloggers are constantly talking or tweeting about these? I'd add Chipotle to that list but I've already tried that one. Boom. Done.

+ Being a blogger's husband is not easy. From reading blogs to photo shoots to stopping in the parking lot to take a picture, the job of a blogger's husband never ends. I would elaborate but I feel like that's a whole 'nother post-in-the-making.

+ People make money writing. And they get free stuff. I really had no freaking idea. If I did, I probably would've started this whole blogging thing like 10 years ago.

+ A good camera makes the world of a difference. I've always loved photos and photography but did not realize the importance of a good, high-definition camera until I started cropping, enlarging, and editing photos. Hashtag whoah.

+ Social media posts can be scheduledWho'd've thunk? When I first started I remember thinking, how can she possibly be promoting her post or tweeting other people Ohhh silly me. Silly silly silly me.

+ Your e-mail inbox can become a stressful to-do. I'm not going to lie, this is probably one of the most stressful parts of blogging for me. I love the comments and respond as quickly as time allows. I love connecting with others and e-mailing back and forth. I love growing my blog and helping others grow their blog through sponsorship and, therefore, e-mailing about sponsorship requirements. But damn, who ever knew an inbox could become such a large, constant part of my to-do list?

+ A full-size mirror is an absolute necessity. Seriously, you can't live blog without one. 

+ Bloggers use "props" when they take their blog-worthy photos with their fancy-shmancy cameras. I always wondered why other people's photos of food or anything were beautiful and mine were butt-ugly. Then I realized they had perfectly-lit, all-white, contrasting backgrounds. It isn't magic. They use natural light, white foam boards for a backdrop, and cheap dollar-store props for character. Try it - the white foam boards make all the difference. See what I mean?

+ You might have friends (in low places) that you've never met before but whom you think about visiting. Guys, I would totally spend money to travel to see Becca, Mal, AmandaLauren, and so so many more of you. 

+ Blogging is a business. I really, truly, 100 percent just thought it was a hobby. But people buy business cards, network, and attend conference and that makes me even more excited about what this blogging world may bring.

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