Monday, June 2, 2014

Just Remember The Best Things

I have not been a good blogger lately. Number one, there was that little, unexpected, week-long blogging vacation I took last week by accident. Although I feel like every normal person out there can relate to having a crazy-busy work week, followed  by evenings where you want to do nothing but rest your mind and watch Netflix. It just happens.

Number two, my camera roll is lame. And everyone knows all good bloggers have iPhone camera rolls full of yummy food and mouth-watering drinks, laughing friends and family dinners, a pretty desk and an organized closet, the list goes on and on and on. Am I right?

I kind of thought I could dedicate today's post to the standard influx of photos that bloggers share when they've been on vacation or had an unexpected break. Which, for the record, I love photo dumps and weekend recaps, no matter what other people say. I took a look at the photos I just uploaded and realized I only have pictures of a work-related project, screenshots of e-cards that made me laugh hysterically, and the random saved image of my recent instas. Laaaaaame.

I've had a great past 10 days and haven't shared much of it on my blog, so where is all the camera roll evidence to prove it? 

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We've been to the lake the past two weekends and have woken up to both sunshine glistening off the water and hovering fog from the nighttime rain shower - but in either instance, the coffee tastes so rich in the mornings when you are able to enjoy it while being near the water.

We indulged in ice-cold, homemade margaritas while trying not to spill on the pontoon. My hair gets whipped back in a ponytail in order to keep it from getting into the margaritas because it's still a little breezy at this time of year. But you can hardly hate the breeze when it means you get to wrap a towel around your legs before the real summer temps make their appearance.

My mom, future SIL, and I walked along the lake roads for over an hour every single weekend morning and the trees looked different each time because they bloom so much at this time of year. Sometimes I get a little sneezy but you can hardly even complain since it's because of the fresh scent from the blooming trees, lilac bushes, and fresh-cut grass.

The lake was absolutely freezing cold when we jumped in on Memorial Day after our butt-kicking workout. But there's just something about moving through the cool, fresh water and rushing to rinse out the shampoo before my toes fell off. It sounds horrible, but I assure you it was not.

Throughout all of these awesome times I thought to myself that I should take a picture. I should run and get my iPhone (because I don't even hardly keep it near me on weekends) take whatever picture I can, and upload it to Instagram to document this moment. And every single time I thought this, I never ran and got my phone. Because any picture I could take would never do that moment justice.

Sure I could take a picture of my coffee mug with the lake in the background or a glass of my mom's homemade margaritas sitting on the pontoon cushion. I could take a picture of the blooming trees, my tennis shoes, on the shampoo bottles sitting by a lake thermometer showing a water temperature of 60 degrees. But the picture could never do it justice.

There's fine line between documenting a moment I think - sometimes it's absolutely necessary to photograph it so you can frame it in your living room for you and others to see. But sometimes, it's best just to commit that moment to your memory. 

Remember how you're feeling - physically and mentally.

Memorize the smooth taste of the season's first marg.

Enjoy the ponytails and make-up free face that only get to happen on the weekends.

Forget about your phone, Instagram, and Snapchat and just remember

Because those memories can't be captured in a photograph.

And now I bring to you one of my favorites, Amanda. She is wife to one pretty funny guy and momma to one of the cutest little girls. She has been dealt her fair share of bumps along the road, but has worked to make the most of it and share her story. Stop by her blog and link-up with her on Mondays to share your Hopes + Plans for the week! She is one of my favorite reads so you won't be sorry!

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