Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer 2014 Bucket List

Summer is absolutely my most favorite time of year. 
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I like to pose for pictures in my bandeau top that make me look topless, when in fact I am not.
I love the lake, the shorts, and the sun. I love how sometimes the breeze you feel is so warm you can't even imagine wearing a sweatshirt or wrapping in a blanket. But other times the breeze is cool and the warmth of the sun seems like the only thing keeping you warm. 

I love margaritas, s'mores, and grilled burgers - 3 things that just don't taste quite as good in January. 
Don't get my wrong, I absolutely love a good December snow storm right before Christmas and willing start a fire and wrap-up in a blankie when you start to feel that chill in the air in October. But there is just something about summer. So today I'm (joining the party late to) share our Summer 2014 Bucket List!

#summer, #bucketlist, #lakes, #travel, #summer2014, #2014, #campfires, #concerts, #music, #smores, summer bucket list, summer 2014

Go to an outdoor concert || we have a few different choices, including the ND State Fair in July.

Drink homemade margaritas || oh wait, I guess I can check that one off the list.

Go for a bike ride.

Walk around a local street fair || there's something about eating a snow cone while eyeing homemade jewelry and paintings.

Water-ski ... multiple times || I haven't been out yet this year but I always regret not going enough at the end of the summer so this year I need to go more.

Go camping || I can't believe I even just typed that. I am not a camper but will be giving it a try Labor Day Weekend when Parker, my brother, and his fiancee, and I go to the Boundary Waters.

Go on a late-night boat ride.

Run outside more || running with interesting scenery just totally beats running on a treadmill at the gym where the scenery is interesting in a completely different way. And plus, I should probably add lose 5 more pounds.

Read a freaking book || this has been on my list forever and I have not made time to read since March when I was sitting pool-side in Jamaica drinking a Pina Colada. This.needs.to.happen.

Stay up late enough to have a fire and eat s'mores || eating s'mores will not be the tough part. The tough part will be staying up late enough. #nighttimemakesmesleepy

Host a shower for my future-SIL | 2 weeks until this lingerie-filled festivity!
I think I'll stop there. I like to set goals but I don't want to be too ambitious. Plus, I think I'll go mix a pina colada so I can start working on that whole read a book one.

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