Friday, June 6, 2014

Essentials For Every Road Trip

There aren't many things that I feel like I'm a professional at, which is why I don't give a lot of advice around these www parts. Hair and beauty? Not unless you count sprunch spray and mascara. Fashion? Ha! Cooking? My husband is even better in that department. But this. This is one are in which I most definitely am a professional. This is one that I feel qualified enough to preach about. Road Trips.

I felt like it was only fitting to post this on a Friday because, well, weekend. For the past 1 year-7 months-12 days approximately 2 years we have been living 4 hours away from our hometown (5 hours away from my parents' lake place). If I were a betting woman, I'd bet money that we've most likely driven "home" 71.4% of those weekends. That number definitely spikes between the months of June and September because, well, lake.

We're both looking forward to when we don't have to drive 4-5 hours one-way to see our family and friends, eat at our favorite restaurants, and shop at the Target that we're used to but until then, we drive. Which means, I have officially become a road trippin' pro.

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+ Good music.

+ Paper and pen - I just bring my planner because it never fails that 4 hours in the car leaves way too much time to think which means I come up with way too many things I need to do, see, or buy.

+ Reading material.

+ Earbuds - I say this because once in a blue moon I can't stand the music Parker wants to listen to so I just have my own personal jam sesh.

+ Water - But not too much because no one wants to waste their time stopping for a bathroom break.

+ Snacks. 

+ Laptop and wi-fi jetpack. 

+ Sweatshirt - I like to always have one with me in the car in case my legs get chilled.

+ Sunnies.

+ iPhone - But I think that one goes without saying.

And I'm out. By noon today we'll be on the road again. Happy trails to you!

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