Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dear Diary, I Confess That...

+ I've wanted to join this little confessional party for weeks now and just finally got around to it.

+ Speaking of: I have been procrastinating like crazy lately. I blame the sunshine and weekends at the lake.

+ I'm not excited at all about the fact that I have Friday off. For my future sister-in-law's personal shower. That me and my mom are hosting. Eeek! That was all a lie - I'm actually super duper pumped. hashtag duh.

+ I got a denim vest in the mail the other day and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Yes I ordered it, paid for it, and knew what I was doing - it's just so weird to me that denim vests are back in style.

+ I think scrunchies should be back in style. If denim vests and overalls can come back, so can scrunchies and The Backstreet Boys.

+ I'm actually writing this blog post ahead of time, which seems to be a rarity lately. So kudos to me. Yes I'd like a cookie as a reward. Scratch that, I'd like a glass of wine instead.

+ I really did just go pour myself a glass of wine.

+ I basically just get through Monday through Friday and 100% completely live for the weekends. I don't know if this is good because I look forward to the fun on the weekends so much or bad because I'm constantly looking forward to the weekends and life is short.

+ Country music is filling my car stereo and ipod playlists lately. It just sounds better in the summer when I'm driving on a warm day with the windows down.

+ I'm done writing this post. This post that is actually scheduled ahead of time to go live at a certain time. I just continue to impress myself. 

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