Friday, June 20, 2014

Calling all ND (or nearby) Bloggers!

Well this week just flew by. It feels like I've been saying that often lately because it's our busy season at work but I definitely don't hate it. Whatever gets us to the weekends faster, right? But this week it could be because I think I lost a good 24 hours in the middle there where I got absolutely nothing done all thanks to my good buddies I hung out with the night before - Scooby Snacks and Red Wine. 

Don't start judging me - there were other real friends there, too. And I was kind of excited about something so sometimes you gotta let loose a little bit. Life is short. Go big or go home. Insert any other saying that makes it ok to go out on weeknight here. I'll probably talk more about that excitement and share my news next week. Until then, at least you know the news isn't that I'm pregnant. I imagine that celebration doesn't result in a hangover.

But moving on, because today I have a very important question to ask you: 

Someone tell me. Because see that little Midwest Bloggers button at the very bottom of my blog? That's the closest blog, facebook group, yada-yada-yada that I've found to anyone in this area trying to connect with other bloggers. And no offense to whoever is "in charge" of the Midwest Bloggers page but it hasn't been updated in almost a year so....

And if there are some blogs or groups out there for ND bloggers or even Midwest bloggers, will someone please tell me? Because I want to be a cool kid and sit at your lunch table. And if there aren't any out there, then we need to figure our crap out and get this stuff started.

I think I know of 6 bloggers in ND - only 4 of whom I actually connect with (Laura, Ashley, Sammi, and Amanda). So here is what I need from you in the comments:

1 || Tell me if you are a ND blogger (or a nearby SD/MN blogger)
2 || If you are not but you know of someone then tell me that, too!
3 || Leave me a link to your blog and an e-mail address so I know how to stalk you in cyberworld
4 || Tell me if you know of any blogs or FB groups for ND (or Midwest) bloggers to connect

I'm a ND girl at heart but there's no denying that we're always behind on things. We need to start to connect with each other, help each other out, cheer each other on, and maybe even plan a bloggers meet-up someday...? I know, one step at a time :) 

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