Monday, June 30, 2014

Being Tired Means It Was A Good One

As I write this I'm exhausted, truly exhausted from a fun and busy weekend. Now that I think about it the only times I don't feel tired from a weekend is if there was nothing really going on. So we should feel lucky to be a little tired, sore, and unmotivated on a Monday morning - it must mean the weekend was a good one.

My feet are tired and sore because we spent all of Friday in the kitchen and living room prepping for a perfect bridal shower. My skin is warm because I spent any down moment we had, which was very few, trying to soak up some sun. Our bodies get tired because we're up so late talking and laughing with people we love. I'm glad I'm tired all day because I wouldn't have traded any of that for anything.

But now it's Monday, the first day in awhile that I have to put makeup on and wear shoes. It's time to go grocery shopping and be productive between 8:00 and 5:00. It's the day when I take a look at that planner that I've been neglecting for 3 days and plan to get some things done around here.
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+ Share all my photos from Friday's bridal shower. I have bucket-loads of pretty pictures on my camera of all the delicious food and awesome diy projects that my mom and I prepared for the bridal shower on Friday and I can not wait to share them with you. Now it's just a matter of getting them to my computer, editing, and writing posts, so we'll see how that goes...

+ Exercise 5 days this week.

+ Start organizing and packing up all the stuff in our storage closet.

It's a short week, woop woop!, so this should be plenty to keep me busy. Because obviously The Bachelorette and going to Target need to fit in somewhere too.

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