Monday, June 23, 2014

A Beautiful Blue-Bobbin'-Patron-Poppin' Weekend

What got your attention first? A new post from me or the absolutely deliciousness that is happening in the photo above? It's ok, I understand.

Yesterday at lunch I'm sipping a Blue-Bobbin'-Patron-Poppin' Margarita and today at lunch I'm sitting on our living room floor writing about it. Boy how things can go from high to low super quick.
It was the first weekend since Memorial Weekend that we've had beautiful, summer weather - which is only fitting since Saturday was officially the first day of Summer. We spent the weekend at my parents' lake place, hanging out with my brother and friends and celebrating my dad's birthday. 

Speaking of beer, have you ever played beersbee? It's like frisbee but involves beer; hence the name. It involves poles with a beer balancing on top, a frisbee, and 2 teams who are throwing and catching. I'd go into more detail but I think I'll save that for a whole separate post - Beersbee: A Tutorial ;-) I'm not athletic at all so I made Parker be the only thrower for our team, but this girl can catch like you wouldn't believe.

And just so that you believe me when I say I was actually hanging out with real people this weekend and not just being a beersbee champ all by my lonesome, I'll share some pictures of our water activities. If you look closely you can see the helicopter with a GoPro attached that my brother is controlling. If you don't know what a GoPro is, search GoPro Videos on YouTube and you will see some of theee best videos - they're some of my favorites, right up there with any music video starring Luke Bryan.

Now I need to go eat some lunch before I head back to this whole job thing. Happy Monday. If there's even such a thing.

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