Thursday, June 26, 2014

14 Things That I Wish Someone Told Me When I Was Engaged

My brother is getting married in August and on Friday my mom and I are hosting a personal shower for my soon-to-be sister-in-law. Recently we helped with wedding invitations and we basically spend any family time talking about wedding details - which I love! I loved being engaged (almost 5 years ago) and planning our wedding (with my mom, basically!). I love helping to plan all different aspects of my brother's wedding. But it also makes me remember bits & pieces, think I should have done a few things differently, and wish I had embraced certain things a little more. It kind of got me thinking...

1 || Pay for a videographer.
When we hired our photographer I never once thought about hiring a videographer. I knew some people did but I kind of thought that it was ridiculous. Looking back, I wish I had video of that special day because I was so nervous/excited/overwhelmed that there are bits and pieces that I hardly remember - including the time when I was standing with my dad in the back of the church and walking down the aisle.

2 || Buy a new dress for every "occasion". 
Every.single.occasion: showers, bachelorette party, engagement party - whatever! You are the bride and you deserve to feel great :) Treat yourself.

3 || No one will remember your centerpieces. Also, no one will remember the aisle decor you had.
I worry about everything way too much. Looking back, I can hardly remember what our centerpieces were almost 4 years ago - I doubt that any guests have any clue what they looked like. i.e: it.really.doesn't.matter.

4 || Have as many showers as possible.
Because they're fun and they're all about you and you get awesome gifts. Those are reasons enough.

5 || You will probably get sick after your wedding day.
Ok, maybe this is just me but I definitely got sick, starting the day after our wedding and it lasted about 3 weeks. I think my body was just working up to the wedding day so much (plus I happened to start a teaching job 3 weeks before...) that it just crashed when all was said and done.

6 || You will be tired on your wedding night.
That's no lie. So take that as you will.

7 || Tiaras, bachelorette sashes, penis straws, and all things pink+black+gold are perfect for your bachelorette party - no matter what anyone else says.
Haters gonna hate. Some people think tiaras and sashes make you scream I'm here when you walk in a bar surrounded by your bachelorette posse; to which I answer: isn't that kind of the point? Don't be ashamed: if you got it, flaunt it.

8 || Buffets are ok.
Just because you serve a buffet at your wedding does not make it trashy. I remember I had this idea in my head that I did not by any means want a buffet and yet in a lot of situations it is very practical, cost-worthy, and time-saving.

9 || The first look might be awkward.
Ok, maybe this was just us. But basically it will be the two of you, your photographer(s), and anyone else who happens to be sneaking a peak of the moment. In our case: awkward. But maybe we're just an awkward couple when other people are around...

10 || Pick one song.
I remember being obsessed with the music that would be a part of our wedding ceremony. Looking back, I wish I had just picked one great song and called 'er quits.

11 || You might spend hardly any time with your new husband at the reception. Oh, and you'll probably drink hardly anything. Bummer, I know.
There is no joke here unfortunately. We basically split up at our reception - not on purpose, it just happened naturally. And it allowed us to be able to talk to basically every single person who attended. Oh, and I set my champagne glass down somewhere at the beginning and lost it from there so unfortunately you know how that ended...

12 || You will want pictures of everything.
But really, how is this different from life in general...? Basically, hire a spectacular photographer. You won't regret it.

13 || Skip the rituals that do not matter to you.
We skipped the receiving line, classic sit-down dinner, and congregational hymns that just weren't important to us. If it doesn't matter to you, don't include it.

14 || Embrace every.single.moment.
Any married person could say this one over & over and any engaged person will definitely listen. But you will never understand the impact of this statement until your wedding has come and gone. You could never possibly remember or document every moment - whether by memories or your photographs. Just enjoy and try to remember every.single.moment.

What do you wish you had known when you were engaged?

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