Monday, June 30, 2014

Being Tired Means It Was A Good One

As I write this I'm exhausted, truly exhausted from a fun and busy weekend. Now that I think about it the only times I don't feel tired from a weekend is if there was nothing really going on. So we should feel lucky to be a little tired, sore, and unmotivated on a Monday morning - it must mean the weekend was a good one.

My feet are tired and sore because we spent all of Friday in the kitchen and living room prepping for a perfect bridal shower. My skin is warm because I spent any down moment we had, which was very few, trying to soak up some sun. Our bodies get tired because we're up so late talking and laughing with people we love. I'm glad I'm tired all day because I wouldn't have traded any of that for anything.

But now it's Monday, the first day in awhile that I have to put makeup on and wear shoes. It's time to go grocery shopping and be productive between 8:00 and 5:00. It's the day when I take a look at that planner that I've been neglecting for 3 days and plan to get some things done around here.
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+ Share all my photos from Friday's bridal shower. I have bucket-loads of pretty pictures on my camera of all the delicious food and awesome diy projects that my mom and I prepared for the bridal shower on Friday and I can not wait to share them with you. Now it's just a matter of getting them to my computer, editing, and writing posts, so we'll see how that goes...

+ Exercise 5 days this week.

+ Start organizing and packing up all the stuff in our storage closet.

It's a short week, woop woop!, so this should be plenty to keep me busy. Because obviously The Bachelorette and going to Target need to fit in somewhere too.

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Best Kinds of Fridays

These are the best kinds of Fridays - the ones where I wake up at the lake, don't have to work, and casually write a blog post because everything is just chill. It can get stressful sometimes, trying to come up with topics and pump out weekday blog posts when you have real-life day-to-day responsibilities too. It makes days like today feel pretty darn good. Plus, there's that whole not working thing, too that I seem to be loving right now. 

1 || Speaking of today's blog post, I'm currently writing as I'm sitting in bed looking out the window to this. Not too shabby.

2 || I've been DIY-ing like crazy this week to get ready for tonight's big event. I recently discovered this life-changing combination: mod-podge + glitter. Now I want to glitter-ize everything. Seriously, nothing is safe.

3 || We stopped for dinner with my brother and Alyssa last night on our way home. If you follow me on instagram you've already seen this :)

4 || Have you seen the video of this man's first date? I think I've watched it 3 times and cried every time. What can I say, I'm a softie. And it just kills me when she throws her arms around him and cries Oh, Daddy!

5 || Today is finally the day! The day when we get to shower my brother's fiancee with gifts - cough cough lingerie cough cough. To say I'm excited would be the understatement of the year. My mom and I will be prepping all day to get food ready and things setup. I can't wait to share pictures (hopefully next week) of the final products of the things I've been working on!

What do you have planned for the weekend? Enjoy :)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

14 Things That I Wish Someone Told Me When I Was Engaged

My brother is getting married in August and on Friday my mom and I are hosting a personal shower for my soon-to-be sister-in-law. Recently we helped with wedding invitations and we basically spend any family time talking about wedding details - which I love! I loved being engaged (almost 5 years ago) and planning our wedding (with my mom, basically!). I love helping to plan all different aspects of my brother's wedding. But it also makes me remember bits & pieces, think I should have done a few things differently, and wish I had embraced certain things a little more. It kind of got me thinking...

1 || Pay for a videographer.
When we hired our photographer I never once thought about hiring a videographer. I knew some people did but I kind of thought that it was ridiculous. Looking back, I wish I had video of that special day because I was so nervous/excited/overwhelmed that there are bits and pieces that I hardly remember - including the time when I was standing with my dad in the back of the church and walking down the aisle.

2 || Buy a new dress for every "occasion". 
Every.single.occasion: showers, bachelorette party, engagement party - whatever! You are the bride and you deserve to feel great :) Treat yourself.

3 || No one will remember your centerpieces. Also, no one will remember the aisle decor you had.
I worry about everything way too much. Looking back, I can hardly remember what our centerpieces were almost 4 years ago - I doubt that any guests have any clue what they looked like. i.e: it.really.doesn't.matter.

4 || Have as many showers as possible.
Because they're fun and they're all about you and you get awesome gifts. Those are reasons enough.

5 || You will probably get sick after your wedding day.
Ok, maybe this is just me but I definitely got sick, starting the day after our wedding and it lasted about 3 weeks. I think my body was just working up to the wedding day so much (plus I happened to start a teaching job 3 weeks before...) that it just crashed when all was said and done.

6 || You will be tired on your wedding night.
That's no lie. So take that as you will.

7 || Tiaras, bachelorette sashes, penis straws, and all things pink+black+gold are perfect for your bachelorette party - no matter what anyone else says.
Haters gonna hate. Some people think tiaras and sashes make you scream I'm here when you walk in a bar surrounded by your bachelorette posse; to which I answer: isn't that kind of the point? Don't be ashamed: if you got it, flaunt it.

8 || Buffets are ok.
Just because you serve a buffet at your wedding does not make it trashy. I remember I had this idea in my head that I did not by any means want a buffet and yet in a lot of situations it is very practical, cost-worthy, and time-saving.

9 || The first look might be awkward.
Ok, maybe this was just us. But basically it will be the two of you, your photographer(s), and anyone else who happens to be sneaking a peak of the moment. In our case: awkward. But maybe we're just an awkward couple when other people are around...

10 || Pick one song.
I remember being obsessed with the music that would be a part of our wedding ceremony. Looking back, I wish I had just picked one great song and called 'er quits.

11 || You might spend hardly any time with your new husband at the reception. Oh, and you'll probably drink hardly anything. Bummer, I know.
There is no joke here unfortunately. We basically split up at our reception - not on purpose, it just happened naturally. And it allowed us to be able to talk to basically every single person who attended. Oh, and I set my champagne glass down somewhere at the beginning and lost it from there so unfortunately you know how that ended...

12 || You will want pictures of everything.
But really, how is this different from life in general...? Basically, hire a spectacular photographer. You won't regret it.

13 || Skip the rituals that do not matter to you.
We skipped the receiving line, classic sit-down dinner, and congregational hymns that just weren't important to us. If it doesn't matter to you, don't include it.

14 || Embrace every.single.moment.
Any married person could say this one over & over and any engaged person will definitely listen. But you will never understand the impact of this statement until your wedding has come and gone. You could never possibly remember or document every moment - whether by memories or your photographs. Just enjoy and try to remember every.single.moment.

What do you wish you had known when you were engaged?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dear Diary, I Confess That...

+ I've wanted to join this little confessional party for weeks now and just finally got around to it.

+ Speaking of: I have been procrastinating like crazy lately. I blame the sunshine and weekends at the lake.

+ I'm not excited at all about the fact that I have Friday off. For my future sister-in-law's personal shower. That me and my mom are hosting. Eeek! That was all a lie - I'm actually super duper pumped. hashtag duh.

+ I got a denim vest in the mail the other day and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Yes I ordered it, paid for it, and knew what I was doing - it's just so weird to me that denim vests are back in style.

+ I think scrunchies should be back in style. If denim vests and overalls can come back, so can scrunchies and The Backstreet Boys.

+ I'm actually writing this blog post ahead of time, which seems to be a rarity lately. So kudos to me. Yes I'd like a cookie as a reward. Scratch that, I'd like a glass of wine instead.

+ I really did just go pour myself a glass of wine.

+ I basically just get through Monday through Friday and 100% completely live for the weekends. I don't know if this is good because I look forward to the fun on the weekends so much or bad because I'm constantly looking forward to the weekends and life is short.

+ Country music is filling my car stereo and ipod playlists lately. It just sounds better in the summer when I'm driving on a warm day with the windows down.

+ I'm done writing this post. This post that is actually scheduled ahead of time to go live at a certain time. I just continue to impress myself. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

If Money Was Not An Object

I probably wouldn't have been so excited that one time I won 73 dollars at the casino.

I wouldn't work a job. I'd put my working-energy into this little blog

I'd eat lunch on the patio everyday. My lunch would be a delicious salad prepared by someone-other-than-me and a cold Blue Moon. Or maybe 2 Blue Moons since I wouldn't have to go back to work.

I'd buy any or all of these adorable, glittery onesies for all my friends with babies.

I'd probably still live in Fargo because, let's be honest, I love it here.

Because I'd be living in Fargo I would go on at least 2 trips every winter season. In January I'd go to any warm, tropical, pina-colada-serving place and in March I'd go skiing.

I would get a pedicure at least once a month, no doubt.

I would probably still balance our checkbook. No matter how much money I have that is one thing this mathematical-minded-control-freak could never let go of.

I'd pay someone to grocery shop for me. That is just not my thing.

Shopping would be a lot more fun because there'd be a lot less thinking and much more buying.

Shoes. 'nuff said.

What would you do if money was not an object?

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Beautiful Blue-Bobbin'-Patron-Poppin' Weekend

What got your attention first? A new post from me or the absolutely deliciousness that is happening in the photo above? It's ok, I understand.

Yesterday at lunch I'm sipping a Blue-Bobbin'-Patron-Poppin' Margarita and today at lunch I'm sitting on our living room floor writing about it. Boy how things can go from high to low super quick.
It was the first weekend since Memorial Weekend that we've had beautiful, summer weather - which is only fitting since Saturday was officially the first day of Summer. We spent the weekend at my parents' lake place, hanging out with my brother and friends and celebrating my dad's birthday. 

Speaking of beer, have you ever played beersbee? It's like frisbee but involves beer; hence the name. It involves poles with a beer balancing on top, a frisbee, and 2 teams who are throwing and catching. I'd go into more detail but I think I'll save that for a whole separate post - Beersbee: A Tutorial ;-) I'm not athletic at all so I made Parker be the only thrower for our team, but this girl can catch like you wouldn't believe.

And just so that you believe me when I say I was actually hanging out with real people this weekend and not just being a beersbee champ all by my lonesome, I'll share some pictures of our water activities. If you look closely you can see the helicopter with a GoPro attached that my brother is controlling. If you don't know what a GoPro is, search GoPro Videos on YouTube and you will see some of theee best videos - they're some of my favorites, right up there with any music video starring Luke Bryan.

Now I need to go eat some lunch before I head back to this whole job thing. Happy Monday. If there's even such a thing.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Some Things Are Just Worth It

As I'm writing this it is Friday night and I'm in the car - 2 hours into our road trip home still with 3 hours to go. I'm writing a blog post to pass the time and just drank a Diet Coke so I stay awake. Let's be honest, there aren't many things I wouldn't give right now to be able to be sitting outside, drinking a cold beer, and relaxing after a long week.

It really does blow sometimes (slash most times) to spend a Friday night in the car. But getting to the lake at 10:30 tonight to go to bed shortly there after will be totally and completely 100 percent worth it when we wake up there tomorrow morning. At least that's what I keep telling myself. 

I'll wake up to the natural sunlight coming through the bedroom window, throw on a sweatshirt, and head upstairs to drink coffee while looking out at one of the most peaceful places I could ever imagine. And that's when I will stop regretting a 5-hour Friday night car ride. Sometimes in life things really suck; but most times, it ends up being totally worth it. 

It got me thinking: here are some other things that might make you say "But it was totally worth it"...

+ Cooking a homemade dinner.

+ Studying your bootay off for 4 years to get a college degree.

+ Shaving your legs. Does that suck or what? I don't really know, now that I think of it, I don't know if I always feel like that one is worth it...

+ Making the bed. Be honest, it feels so much better to crawl into a made bed at the end of the night.

+ That one tequila shot. (Or three.)

+ Paying extra for your monthly phone bill so you can get wi-fi in the car and write blog posts to pass the time.

+ Spending a good chunk of money on a week-long vacation.

+ Making the duck face in a photo with your girlfriend on girl's night out. It might not be instagram-material, but it's more about the memories...

+ Telling someone how you feel. Whether it be 'I love you' or 'It pisses me off when you do that' it always turns out better than holding things in.

+ Splurging on fro-yo or french fries.

+ The drive home. Anytime. Anywhere. It always ends up worth it.

Happy Weekend! Whatever you do, make it worth it.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Calling all ND (or nearby) Bloggers!

Well this week just flew by. It feels like I've been saying that often lately because it's our busy season at work but I definitely don't hate it. Whatever gets us to the weekends faster, right? But this week it could be because I think I lost a good 24 hours in the middle there where I got absolutely nothing done all thanks to my good buddies I hung out with the night before - Scooby Snacks and Red Wine. 

Don't start judging me - there were other real friends there, too. And I was kind of excited about something so sometimes you gotta let loose a little bit. Life is short. Go big or go home. Insert any other saying that makes it ok to go out on weeknight here. I'll probably talk more about that excitement and share my news next week. Until then, at least you know the news isn't that I'm pregnant. I imagine that celebration doesn't result in a hangover.

But moving on, because today I have a very important question to ask you: 

Someone tell me. Because see that little Midwest Bloggers button at the very bottom of my blog? That's the closest blog, facebook group, yada-yada-yada that I've found to anyone in this area trying to connect with other bloggers. And no offense to whoever is "in charge" of the Midwest Bloggers page but it hasn't been updated in almost a year so....

And if there are some blogs or groups out there for ND bloggers or even Midwest bloggers, will someone please tell me? Because I want to be a cool kid and sit at your lunch table. And if there aren't any out there, then we need to figure our crap out and get this stuff started.

I think I know of 6 bloggers in ND - only 4 of whom I actually connect with (Laura, Ashley, Sammi, and Amanda). So here is what I need from you in the comments:

1 || Tell me if you are a ND blogger (or a nearby SD/MN blogger)
2 || If you are not but you know of someone then tell me that, too!
3 || Leave me a link to your blog and an e-mail address so I know how to stalk you in cyberworld
4 || Tell me if you know of any blogs or FB groups for ND (or Midwest) bloggers to connect

I'm a ND girl at heart but there's no denying that we're always behind on things. We need to start to connect with each other, help each other out, cheer each other on, and maybe even plan a bloggers meet-up someday...? I know, one step at a time :) 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer 2014 Bucket List

Summer is absolutely my most favorite time of year. 
#summer, #bucketlist, #lakes, #travel, #summer2014, #2014, #campfires, #concerts, #music, #smores, summer bucket list, summer 2014
I like to pose for pictures in my bandeau top that make me look topless, when in fact I am not.
I love the lake, the shorts, and the sun. I love how sometimes the breeze you feel is so warm you can't even imagine wearing a sweatshirt or wrapping in a blanket. But other times the breeze is cool and the warmth of the sun seems like the only thing keeping you warm. 

I love margaritas, s'mores, and grilled burgers - 3 things that just don't taste quite as good in January. 
Don't get my wrong, I absolutely love a good December snow storm right before Christmas and willing start a fire and wrap-up in a blankie when you start to feel that chill in the air in October. But there is just something about summer. So today I'm (joining the party late to) share our Summer 2014 Bucket List!

#summer, #bucketlist, #lakes, #travel, #summer2014, #2014, #campfires, #concerts, #music, #smores, summer bucket list, summer 2014

Go to an outdoor concert || we have a few different choices, including the ND State Fair in July.

Drink homemade margaritas || oh wait, I guess I can check that one off the list.

Go for a bike ride.

Walk around a local street fair || there's something about eating a snow cone while eyeing homemade jewelry and paintings.

Water-ski ... multiple times || I haven't been out yet this year but I always regret not going enough at the end of the summer so this year I need to go more.

Go camping || I can't believe I even just typed that. I am not a camper but will be giving it a try Labor Day Weekend when Parker, my brother, and his fiancee, and I go to the Boundary Waters.

Go on a late-night boat ride.

Run outside more || running with interesting scenery just totally beats running on a treadmill at the gym where the scenery is interesting in a completely different way. And plus, I should probably add lose 5 more pounds.

Read a freaking book || this has been on my list forever and I have not made time to read since March when I was sitting pool-side in Jamaica drinking a Pina Colada.

Stay up late enough to have a fire and eat s'mores || eating s'mores will not be the tough part. The tough part will be staying up late enough. #nighttimemakesmesleepy

Host a shower for my future-SIL | 2 weeks until this lingerie-filled festivity!
I think I'll stop there. I like to set goals but I don't want to be too ambitious. Plus, I think I'll go mix a pina colada so I can start working on that whole read a book one.

Monday, June 16, 2014

When The Boys Are Away...

when the boys are away the girls will play, weekend, sayings, life, starbucks, fleetwood mac, pandora radio, blogging, ads, ad sale, coffee, accomplish, getting things done

Actually that's nothing close to what actually happened this weekend. For one, I only have one boy that was away - singular, not plural. For two, taking a #shamelessselfie in the Starbucks parking lot is about the craziest thing I did this weekend. 

when the boys are away the girls will play, weekend, sayings, life, starbucks, fleetwood mac, pandora radio, blogging, ads, ad sale, coffee, accomplish, getting things done, selfie, #shamelessselfie
Oh, and if you never want to miss out on any other pathetic, selfie-snapped weekends, we should probably be friends on snapchat.

So let's try this again. When the boy is away...

+ I kind of forget to eat breakfast. It's weird, I know. But it's probably because I have no one to make me breakfast. 

+ I make sure I locked the apartment door at least a trillion times before I crawl into bed.

+ I spend way too much sitting on our living room floor in front of our coffee table where my laptop sits. I am kind of actually really proud at some of the things I figured out how to do this weekend involving html. 

+ I lay a pillow on his side of the bed so it feels like there's someone sleeping there.

+ I listen to Solo Piano Radio in the mornings and Fleetwood Mac Radio all day on Pandora and nobody complains.

+ I have to grocery shop, which.I.hate. So I reward myself with Starbucks.

+ Glass of wine + Chick flicks.

+ I would normally sit in the sun with a cold one but Mother Nature was so freaking bipolar this weekend the skies couldn't decide if they were going to clear up or rain.

+ I actually update my about and advertise pages that I planned on doing in, like, February. Maybe that image up there should read something more along the lines of when the boys are away the girls will get shit done.

And on that note, I'm having an ad sale! Because me getting things done on my living room floor actually means I did a complete revamp of all my ad spots! Not only are there new options (see that banner below?) but most of them are even cheaper AND you can get 40% off if you use the promo code GIRLSWILLPLAY - which means they are all 6 bucks or less. That's cheaper than ordering a glass of Cabernet at a bar. And that makes a Monday a little more happy.

I meant the ad sale. But wine makes Mondays a little more happy, too.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Dad's Day

Happy Father's Day...

To the the first man who ever loved me.

To the one who sang to me You Can't Always Get What You Want when I was a baby.

To the guy who taught me how-to ride bike, how-to ski, and that good things happen to good people.

To the man who watched thousands of dance routines and danced with me on my wedding day.

To the man who cranked Love Shack in the car while driving me and my friends to our 8th grade dance.

I am so proud to be your daughter.
I love you forever, dad.
father's day, father's day 2014, dad's day, thankful, family, lake, dads, daughters, thank you, life, love

Friday, June 13, 2014

Excuses Excuses Excuses

I've been a bit more absent around these parts lately. I know it and I hate it. I like this place. I like to write, connect with all of you, and share some of the ups and downs that we run into while on this thing called life. But it's summer.

Here in the NoDak/MN region we make it through the wet snow, the freeze-your-tush-off January temps, and the slushy springs because we get perfect summers. We are close to some of the most beautiful lakes and have near-perfect temps in the 70s and 80s from June until September. So please forgive me if I choose to enjoy just a little bit of that, which results in neglecting the online social media world a smidgen. I think that a lot of you feel the same way so no hard feelings, right?

But it's not just the lakes and nice weather consuming my time right now so I thought I'd just share a little bit of all the things going on right now. In other words, my excuses for what's been consuming my time...

life, busy, road trips, work, summer, wedding, planning, showers, events
life, busy, road trips, work, summer, wedding, planning, showers, events
life, busy, road trips, work, summer, wedding, planning, showers, events

+ Being in the building business this is our busy time of year. Work has been downright busy-all-day, don't-have-enough-time, exhausting lately. But I don't hate it. It means we're successful and the days fly by.

+ My brother gets married on August 16th so I have been helping out my future SIL with wedding details in the evenings and on the weekends. And I love it! I miss planning our wedding!

+ Speaking of weddings, my mom and I are hosting a personal shower in a few weeks for the bride-to-be. The forecast for my weekend includes a lot of Pinteresty DIY projects I think!

+ I've also recently taking up these two little things I like to call exercise and cooking. Parker and I have been much better lately about making our physical health a priority. I am loving how I'm feeling but it definitely takes some time!

+ Not to mention the fact that we're basically professionals at road-tripping because we spend 10 hours in the car every weekend so we can be at the lake :)

I plan on getting caught up on a few things this weekend so we should be back to some much more regularly-scheduled programming by next week, pinky swear!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Essentials For Every Road Trip

There aren't many things that I feel like I'm a professional at, which is why I don't give a lot of advice around these www parts. Hair and beauty? Not unless you count sprunch spray and mascara. Fashion? Ha! Cooking? My husband is even better in that department. But this. This is one are in which I most definitely am a professional. This is one that I feel qualified enough to preach about. Road Trips.

I felt like it was only fitting to post this on a Friday because, well, weekend. For the past 1 year-7 months-12 days approximately 2 years we have been living 4 hours away from our hometown (5 hours away from my parents' lake place). If I were a betting woman, I'd bet money that we've most likely driven "home" 71.4% of those weekends. That number definitely spikes between the months of June and September because, well, lake.

We're both looking forward to when we don't have to drive 4-5 hours one-way to see our family and friends, eat at our favorite restaurants, and shop at the Target that we're used to but until then, we drive. Which means, I have officially become a road trippin' pro.

road trip, essentials, life, tips, advice, couple, home, drive, car, honda, snacks, magazines
+ Good music.

+ Paper and pen - I just bring my planner because it never fails that 4 hours in the car leaves way too much time to think which means I come up with way too many things I need to do, see, or buy.

+ Reading material.

+ Earbuds - I say this because once in a blue moon I can't stand the music Parker wants to listen to so I just have my own personal jam sesh.

+ Water - But not too much because no one wants to waste their time stopping for a bathroom break.

+ Snacks. 

+ Laptop and wi-fi jetpack. 

+ Sweatshirt - I like to always have one with me in the car in case my legs get chilled.

+ Sunnies.

+ iPhone - But I think that one goes without saying.

And I'm out. By noon today we'll be on the road again. Happy trails to you!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

3 Things I've Learned (this week)

Awwww snap. It's been one of those weeks. You know, the one where it was only Tuesday but felt like it should have been Friday. The one where every single day runs as smoothly as a Monday, which is basically as smooth as velcro, which isn't smooth at all so you get my drift.

Now finally it's Thursday, tomorrow's Friday, and I am eating one of the most randomly delicious lunches right now so things are starting to look up around here. And now I'm going to let you in on a few secrets that I've realized this week.

1 || Speaking of my most randomly delicious lunch here's what you do: In a small bowl combine your leftover frozen corn, half an avocado cut into pieces, one slice of Havarti cheese torn into pieces, your leftover bake-in-a-bag chicken, a splash of balsamic vinegar, and salt and pepper. Stir together and enjoy with a side of 6 pita chips. Voila! An amazing little concoction that takes 3 minutes to whip up. I would highly recommend eating more than 6 pita chips to enjoy it even more, but 6 is one serving and I'm trying to eat healthy (or something) so 6 it is.

2 || There are times in life when you need to be the bigger person, control frustrations, keep certain thoughts to yourself, and move on. However, there will come a time when sharing your piece of mind and standing up for what you believe in is very important. When that time comes, do it. I promise you will feel very proud. 

#quotes, #wordstoliveby, #life, The Samantha Life, #photography, #tips, #advice, be who you are and say what you feel, quotes, reminder

3 || There may also come a time in your life when you are in the middle of a hail storm. Do not, and I repeat do not, go outside in the midst of said hail storm to put your car in the garage. This will not turn out to be an act of heroism, but an act of true stupidity. It will not end well. In fact, it will end with you leaving your soaking wet, gravel-covered shoes at the door right next to the soaking wet pants you just took off, just so you can get inside and wipe the water out of your eyes. #hypotheticallyspeaking

And on that note, just be glad your week is going better than mine! Tomorrow's Friday. Fist pound.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What You Should Not Say To Newlyweds

Both Becca and I still consider ourselves newlyweds, even though it's far past our first year of marriage. I think other somewhat-newly married couples can relate to the fact that I still feel like I'm learning new things about marriage each day. But today Becca and I aren't here to only talk to you fellow newlyweds. We're sharing some information for all of you - married, dating, single, or other...

wedding, newlywed, tips, advice, love, husband, wife, flowers, photo, photography, how-to, wedding,

Are you nervous?
Like, that my marriage is going to fail...? Should I be nervous? Because I feel pretty confident, thanks.

When are you having kids?
Umm... hello. I just gained a husband. I don't need another live-in companion until I get used to this one.

Are you having fertility issues?
What in the world makes you think that's okay to assume or even ask about?

What do you do with all your time now that you're not wedding planning?
Nothing. My life is meaningless without it.

Who wears the pants in the relationship?
We both like to wear pants. Especially in public.

How's married life?
Great. Fine. Fun. Not sure what you're looking for because I don't know how you could possibly sum up this new "life" is one word.

The first year is always the hardest!
Yes, obviously it is an adjustment. But do you think you could say something encouraging?

Wow, you're just so young!
Again, so encouraging.

Does your spouse let you do that?
Let me? For serious? I gained a husband, not a legal guardian.

It's all downhill from here!
Yes, my life is over and I will never have any fun now that I am fully committed to the person I love most in the world. Totes jealous of your awkward blind dates.

If you are a dedicated reader of my, Becca's, or both of our blogs I would love to know which statements you thought were mine and which statements you thought were hers! If you're a fellow newlywed, what other things do people say to you that you would add to this list?!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Just Remember The Best Things

I have not been a good blogger lately. Number one, there was that little, unexpected, week-long blogging vacation I took last week by accident. Although I feel like every normal person out there can relate to having a crazy-busy work week, followed  by evenings where you want to do nothing but rest your mind and watch Netflix. It just happens.

Number two, my camera roll is lame. And everyone knows all good bloggers have iPhone camera rolls full of yummy food and mouth-watering drinks, laughing friends and family dinners, a pretty desk and an organized closet, the list goes on and on and on. Am I right?

I kind of thought I could dedicate today's post to the standard influx of photos that bloggers share when they've been on vacation or had an unexpected break. Which, for the record, I love photo dumps and weekend recaps, no matter what other people say. I took a look at the photos I just uploaded and realized I only have pictures of a work-related project, screenshots of e-cards that made me laugh hysterically, and the random saved image of my recent instas. Laaaaaame.

I've had a great past 10 days and haven't shared much of it on my blog, so where is all the camera roll evidence to prove it? 

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We've been to the lake the past two weekends and have woken up to both sunshine glistening off the water and hovering fog from the nighttime rain shower - but in either instance, the coffee tastes so rich in the mornings when you are able to enjoy it while being near the water.

We indulged in ice-cold, homemade margaritas while trying not to spill on the pontoon. My hair gets whipped back in a ponytail in order to keep it from getting into the margaritas because it's still a little breezy at this time of year. But you can hardly hate the breeze when it means you get to wrap a towel around your legs before the real summer temps make their appearance.

My mom, future SIL, and I walked along the lake roads for over an hour every single weekend morning and the trees looked different each time because they bloom so much at this time of year. Sometimes I get a little sneezy but you can hardly even complain since it's because of the fresh scent from the blooming trees, lilac bushes, and fresh-cut grass.

The lake was absolutely freezing cold when we jumped in on Memorial Day after our butt-kicking workout. But there's just something about moving through the cool, fresh water and rushing to rinse out the shampoo before my toes fell off. It sounds horrible, but I assure you it was not.

Throughout all of these awesome times I thought to myself that I should take a picture. I should run and get my iPhone (because I don't even hardly keep it near me on weekends) take whatever picture I can, and upload it to Instagram to document this moment. And every single time I thought this, I never ran and got my phone. Because any picture I could take would never do that moment justice.

Sure I could take a picture of my coffee mug with the lake in the background or a glass of my mom's homemade margaritas sitting on the pontoon cushion. I could take a picture of the blooming trees, my tennis shoes, on the shampoo bottles sitting by a lake thermometer showing a water temperature of 60 degrees. But the picture could never do it justice.

There's fine line between documenting a moment I think - sometimes it's absolutely necessary to photograph it so you can frame it in your living room for you and others to see. But sometimes, it's best just to commit that moment to your memory. 

Remember how you're feeling - physically and mentally.

Memorize the smooth taste of the season's first marg.

Enjoy the ponytails and make-up free face that only get to happen on the weekends.

Forget about your phone, Instagram, and Snapchat and just remember

Because those memories can't be captured in a photograph.

And now I bring to you one of my favorites, Amanda. She is wife to one pretty funny guy and momma to one of the cutest little girls. She has been dealt her fair share of bumps along the road, but has worked to make the most of it and share her story. Stop by her blog and link-up with her on Mondays to share your Hopes + Plans for the week! She is one of my favorite reads so you won't be sorry!

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