Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Things I Don't Understand

wine has to have calories. 'nuff said.

we don't have spring-y weather. Hello, it's May 7th. The rain and snow need to stop.

bloggers offer certain sponsorship perks and don't follow through. If I pay money for a guest post or 6 twitter mentions I want my guest post to be freaking published and I want at least 6 twitter mentions. I feel like I go above and beyond what my sponsors pay for and I don't understand why others don't do the same.

some friends are so self-absored that they can't even be bothered enough to realize that you're unhappy on the inside.

instagram isn't everybody's favorite form of social media. Love. It.

certain songs make me feel more homesick than I feel when I'm actually visiting my hometown. Christina Perri, I should probably just stop listening to you.

I can't eat whatever I want without it affecting my body weight. I mean, I get it but it sucks.

all the good shows stop in the summer. No wonder this rainy May weather is so depressing because all my shows are ending at the same time, too. SVU.... Grey's ... Parenthood...

One thing I do understand ... 

I love this little space of mine and all of you who I connect with on a daily basis. I have felt a little disconnected due to my schedule during the past few days and look forward to getting back into full blogging force again. As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for swinging by this place every once in awhile :)

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