Monday, May 12, 2014

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway...

Actually, that's a lie. The cold does bother me, especially when it's cold (still!) in May. But even though I'm typing on my computer while watching the Minnesota Wild play, in my head I'm a beautiful ice princess belting out Let It Go in Idina Menzel's voice. If you already follow me on Instagram, you know that Parker and I wrapped up our weekend with a relaxing Sunday saying goodbye to his grandparents, getting coffee, and watching Frozen for the first time.

How we didn't watch this movie until now? I don't even know. It was great, so great. Especially for two animated-movie-lovers who have jam sessions every time Let It Go comes on the satellite radio in the car.

His grandparents got into town Friday night so we just got them settled in their hotel room, made tacos, and watched the Wild beat the Blackhawks in Game 4. It was their first time visiting us since we moved out here so we spent Saturday giving them a bit of a tour - we drove a bit further out west to see some of the oil-rigging action happening out there, showed them around town, got burgers for lunch downtown, and played cards before cooking them an early Mother's Day dinner. Part of our tour consisted of stopping at the casino, mostly because we needed a bathroom break, and I impatiently waited for 10 minutes while they spent a few bucks on the slot machines.

Oh, and then Parker gave me 2 bucks and told me to just play one machine before we left. Reluctantly I abided. Oh, and then I won 73 dollars and 45 cents. I wasn't that excited or anything...

I hit that cash out button as soon as possible, reimbursed my husband for the 2 bucks he gave me to play, took my cash and left, feeling pretty smug. I can see why people get addicted to that feeling.

And throughout all of this I had my awesome family members, whom I love so much, texting and snapping me pictures of getting the docks and boats in at the lake, drinking the first Zorbaz margaritas, and taking the first boat rides of the year. Isn't that just great? I mean, I had a great weekend, too - but, be honest, where would you rather be...

I'd pick the one on the right any day...

I just realized I wrote the most confusing weekend recap post ever : started with Sunday, then recapped Friday, and finished off talking about Saturday. So sorry about that.

And because it's Monday and I like to start my week thinking through what I'd like to accomplish and making a game plan, I'm linking up with Amanda today to share my hopes & plans for this week:

Marry Mint

| | Get my brother's graduation present ready for this weekend. I'd give more details, but in the small off chance that he reads my blog every so often I can't take that risk. You'll have to just wait until next week.

| | Clean our apartment, change our sheets, and do our laundry. It's just embarrassing how these things haven't been happening often enough lately.

| | Update the blog's about and sponsor pages. I've got new thoughts and ideas in the works, I just need to allow myself to invest the time. 

| | Exercise at least 3 times. 'Nuff said.

I think 4 things on the list should keep me pretty busy :) What do you have going on this week?

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