Monday, May 5, 2014

So Here's To Turning 26

Well I turned 26 yesterday. You don't get a sparkler on top of a red velvet cupcake for nothin'.

It sounds so weird. The first month or so after your birthday kind of feels like January when you write the date wrong on your checks and forget what year it actually is. It's funny that birthdays just aren't that big of a deal anymore. Don't get me wrong, I think everyone deserves to feel special on their birthday and birthdays should be celebrated every single year, no matter what your age. But birthdays 1-21 are the biggies - the ones where you actually feel different as each year passes. 

I remember how excited I was to turn 10 and be in the double digits. Then you can't wait to be a teenager at 13. 16 and 18 are probably the biggest of the teenage years because you reach driving age and "adulthood". I put adulthood in quotes because I'm still not quite certain that I feel like an adult. Then you think it's pretty cool to turn 20 and not be a teenager. And by the time you reach 21 there are officially no more laws telling you what you can and can't do based on your age. Even last year's birthday kind of felt like a bigger deal because a quarter of a century seems like some sort of milestone. I think they just get a little more low-key as time goes on.

The past 26 years have been good to me. I have the best family that I could possibly ask for. I already have found the love of my life and spent 3-1/2 awesome years as his wife. I've learned how to bake a pie crust and that friendship takes work. I'm still working on perfectly folding a fitted sheet but I think that's just a mom thing. I've learned how to save money while also not depriving myself of a little retail therapy every once in a while. I've kept 5 plants alive for over a year and a half and could tell in 3 seconds flat my favorite coffee drink. I think I'm a very lucky girl and I think I'm doing pretty good in this thing called life. 

So here's to turning 26 and officially starting my 27th year of life. I just have a feeling that this is going to be a good one.

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