Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Only Worry About Things Like Pink+Purple Cupcakes

Parker normally grocery shops because he loves it and I just don't so much. He can walk through the store without a list and come home with everything we need for breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and well-planned out dinners. It's almost annoying how good he is at it. But I went grocery shopping last night because he had hockey and there was a little girl standing in line in front of me with her mom and younger brother. Her mom started unloaded the groceries onto the conveyor belt and the little girl absolutely insisted that she be the one to set the pink cupcakes on the belt. I noticed that her mom patiently, without complaint, moved a few other things aside (including blue cupcakes, might I add) to hand the container of pink cupcakes to her daughter who then placed them very carefully on the belt. A few minutes went by while her mom emptied everything else out of their cart and they waited their turn to check out. The little girl was very quiet until she finally shared out loud what she must have been thinking to herself for the past few minutes.

We have to go get another one of the pink and purple cupcakes.

Her mom told her they only needed one because they were mini ones so between the 12 pink+purple cupcakes and the 12 blue+green cupcakes they had enough for her class.

But there are not enough pink and purple ones for all of the girls in the class.

Her mom then, very patiently again, explained to her that there would be enough cupcakes for every body and some of the girls will just have to have a blue and green cupcake. Even though her mom listed a few of her friends that would probably pick a blue and green cupcake instead of a pink and purple cupcake, her daughter was just not buying it. She wanted every girl in her class to be able to have a pink and purple cupcake because she figured that's what any girl would want and she just wanted them all to be happy.

Do you remember when your only worries were what treats you would bring to school on your birthday? Or what you would wear to your 7th grade dance on Friday? Or which pair of earrings you should buy from Claire's? We didn't even know at the time how easy we had it. Lots of things about being an adult (or whatever this phase in life is called) are awesome, totally awesome. But some days, I wish I were worried less about bills, cleaning, and getting to work on time and more worried about feeling good, treating myself, and making people happy.

For the record, the little girl also wanted the pink, yellow, and purple "It's a Girl!" balloon on their way out. She's a girly-girl after my own heart :)

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