Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's OK To Enjoy The "Perks" Of Blogging

I will be the first to admit, sometimes blogging is real cool because you get free stuff. 

Is that why I started blogging? Absolutely not. I started blogging because we were moving 4 hours away from home and I thought it would be cool to document life in western ND on this little internet space... funny how things change. Anywho, I started my blog for myself and my family and friends. It was an "outlet" for me and actually made me enjoy writing more than I ever thought I would. It became a hobby that allowed me to express myself, while at the same time learning new things - whether I was learning html or learning that there are other people who struggle with the same things in life. I love everything about sitting down to my computer and sharing my thoughts 5 days a week. 

Once I got further into blogging I realized some people make money on their blog. They attend events for free. They get paid to write about a product. They get something free and share it with their readers. I thought for sure you had to be a "big blogger" for these perks and never thought I could get anything cool or go somewhere awesome or be paid to wear a shirt. I've experienced just a handful of these perks - I got a custom card, ordered a chambray tank from eShakti, and received a custom wine glass - all for free! Does this mean these are the only reasons I blog? Abso-freakin-lutely not. They don't even make up 15% of the reasons why I blog. 

So I have to disagree with anyone who thinks that a blogger who receives perks is only here for the money or free stuff because there are so many more reasons why I share some of my favorite diy projects or pour my heart out. And there's nothing wrong with making money or getting something free because of your blog. Actually, it's pretty cool.

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That custom wine glass that I received is from Tiny Wishes Creations, an Etsy shop owned by Tabitha. It is so cute in person and I love that I have a blog-themed wine glass! What is it about blogging and wine that seem to go together? :) 

Side note: you can use the script on the glass as a sort of measuring cup. Fill to "blog": 1 glub. Fill to "dream": 2 glubs. Fill to "love": 3 glubs (screw it, and drink from the bottle).

Drink up and go check out her shop!

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